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BALB/c Mice Deficient in CD4+ T Cell IL-4Rα Expression Control Leishmania mexicana Load although Female but Not Male Mice Develop a Healer Phenotype

Figure 4

IL-4Rα deficiency in CD4+ T cells results in decreased specific Th2 responses in female mice.

L. mexicana antigen induced (10 µg/ml) splenocyte IL-4 (Figure 4A and B), IL-5 (Figure 4C and D) and IL-10 (Figure 4E and F) produced from female (Figure 4A, C and E) and male (Figure 4B, D and F) IL-4Rα intact (IL-4Rα−/lox), CD4+ T cell specific (LckcreIL-4Rα−/lox) IL-4Rα−/−, and global IL-4Rα−/− mice infected sub-cutaneously with 5×106 amastigotes of L. mexicana. *p<0.05, **p<0.01 compared with IL-4Rα intact mice. Representative of 4 separate experiments.

Figure 4