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Consequences of the Expanding Global Distribution of Aedes albopictus for Dengue Virus Transmission

Figure 1

Distribution of RD among published experiments comparing the vector competence of Ae. albopictus and Ae. aegypti for horizontal transmission of DENV.

Graphs show the overall frequency of differences in (A) the proportion of infected mosquitoes and (B) the proportion of mosquitoes with an infection disseminated from the midgut, as a function of the mosquito colonization history (i.e., number of generations spent in the laboratory before vector competence was assessed). Filled bars represent mosquitoes held ≤5 generations in the laboratory; shaded bars correspond to mosquitoes colonized for >5 generations. Negative RD values represent a reduced rate whereas positive values represent a greater rate for Ae. albopictus compared to Ae. aegypti.

Figure 1