About the Authors

John D. Mumford


Affiliation Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, Silwood Park Campus, Ascot, United Kingdom

Competing Interests

The author has no financial interest in companies doing commercial GM exploitation. The author has no patents related to GM insects. The author is involved in the direction of academic research contracts through Imperial College London with WHO on international guidance for the deployment and implementation of GM mosquitoes for malaria and dengue control. Other partners in that WHO research contract do have commercial interests in GM insect exploitation. In 2012, the author will become involved in the direction of academic research on the design and implementation of risk analysis approaches relevant to GM mosquitoes as part of a research contract from the Gates Foundation to Imperial College London. The author is a member of a working group on GM mosquitoes for WHO and the FNIH. The author is a member of a working group on GM insects for the European Food Safety Authority. The working groups are unpaid, but cover travelling costs when needed for occasional meetings of the groups. The author is a College appointed director of a company called Agra-CEAS Consulting Ltd, which is part owned by Imperial College London, which has produced some reports on various aspects of GM technology in agriculture for various clients (such as the European Commission), but the author has not had any day to day involvement in any of those reports. The author acts as an academic reviewer for various national and international research funders evaluating research proposals that sometimes include GM technologies. No funding bodies or other organisations have influenced this manuscript.