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February 2020

For decades, the health and wellbeing of people in low- and middle-income countries has been recognized as a concern of enormous magnitude and global importance. Substantial investments have been made in priorities defined in the Millennium Development Goals, and in disease-specific programs targeting HIV/AIDS and many other diseases, leading to important achievements. The Sustainable Development Goals have now been conceived to motivate and guide progress towards health and development ambitions for 2030.

In this month's Editorial, recognizing possible challenges including climate change, population growth and infectious disease outbreaks, the PLOS Medicine Editors discuss prospects for achievement of a continuing trajectory of improvement in global health and development in the coming decade.

Image Credit: geralt, Pixabay


Plans and prospects for the 2020s: Beyond peak health?

The PLOS Medicine Editors

Policy Forum

Emerging priorities for HIV service delivery

Nathan Ford, Elvin Geng, Tom Ellman, Catherine Orrell, Peter Ehrenkranz, Izukanji Sikazwe, Andreas Jahn, Miriam Rabkin, Stephen Ayisi Addo, Anna Grimsrud, Sydney Rosen, Isaac Zulu, William Reidy, Thabo Lejone, Tsitsi Apollo, Charles Holmes, Ana Francisca Kolling, Rosina Phate Lesihla, Huu Hai Nguyen, Baker Bakashaba, Lastone Chitembo, Ghion Tiriste, Meg Doherty, Helen Bygrave

Collection Review

Advances in clinical trial design: Weaving tomorrow’s TB treatments

Christian Lienhardt, Andrew Nunn, Richard Chaisson, Andrew A. Vernon, Matteo Zignol, Payam Nahid, Eric Delaporte, Tereza Kasaeva

Research Articles

Association of coincident self-reported mental health problems and alcohol intake with all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality: A Norwegian pooled population analysis

Eirik Degerud, Gudrun Høiseth, Jørg Mørland, Inger Ariansen, Sidsel Graff-Iversen, Eivind Ystrom, Luisa Zuccolo, Øyvind Næss

The effect of assessing genetic risk of prostate cancer on the use of PSA tests in primary care: A cluster randomized controlled trial

Jacob Fredsøe, Jan Koetsenruyter, Peter Vedsted, Pia Kirkegaard, Michael Væth, Adrian Edwards, Torben F. Ørntoft, Karina D. Sørensen, Flemming Bro

An evaluation of Chile’s Law of Food Labeling and Advertising on sugar-sweetened beverage purchases from 2015 to 2017: A before-and-after study

Lindsey Smith Taillie, Marcela Reyes, M. Arantxa Colchero, Barry Popkin, Camila Corvalán

A multicomponent secondary school health promotion intervention and adolescent health: An extension of the SEHER cluster randomised controlled trial in Bihar, India

Sachin Shinde, Helen A. Weiss, Prachi Khandeparkar, Bernadette Pereira, Amit Sharma, Rajesh Gupta, David A. Ross, George Patton, Vikram Patel

Impact of the announcement and implementation of the UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy on sugar content, price, product size and number of available soft drinks in the UK, 2015-19: A controlled interrupted time series analysis

Peter Scarborough, Vyas Adhikari, Richard A. Harrington, Ahmed Elhussein, Adam Briggs, Mike Rayner, Jean Adams, Steven Cummins, Tarra Penney, Martin White

Estimating progress towards meeting women’s contraceptive needs in 185 countries: A Bayesian hierarchical modelling study

Vladimíra Kantorová, Mark C. Wheldon, Philipp Ueffing, Aisha N. Z. Dasgupta

Digitally enabled aged care and neurological rehabilitation to enhance outcomes with Activity and MObility UsiNg Technology (AMOUNT) in Australia: A randomised controlled trial

Leanne Hassett, Maayken van den Berg, Richard I. Lindley, Maria Crotty, Annie McCluskey, Hidde P. van der Ploeg, Stuart T. Smith, Karl Schurr, Kirsten Howard, Maree L. Hackett, Maggie Killington, Bert Bongers, Leanne Togher, Daniel Treacy, Simone Dorsch, Siobhan Wong, Katharine Scrivener, Sakina Chagpar, Heather Weber, Marina Pinheiro, Stephane Heritier, Catherine Sherrington

Secular trends in incidence of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in Hong Kong: A retrospective cohort study

Andrea O. Y. Luk, Calvin Ke, Eric S. H. Lau, Hongjiang Wu, William Goggins, Ronald C. W. Ma, Elaine Chow, Alice P. S. Kong, Wing-Yee So, Juliana C. N. Chan

Safety and immune responses after a 12-month booster in healthy HIV-uninfected adults in HVTN 100 in South Africa: A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of ALVAC-HIV (vCP2438) and bivalent subtype C gp120/MF59 vaccines

Fatima Laher, Zoe Moodie, Kristen W. Cohen, Nicole Grunenberg, Linda-Gail Bekker, Mary Allen, Nicole Frahm, Nicole L. Yates, Lynn Morris, Mookho Malahleha, Kathryn Mngadi, Brodie Daniels, Craig Innes, Kevin Saunders, Shannon Grant, Chenchen Yu, Peter B. Gilbert, Sanjay Phogat, Carlos A. DiazGranados, Marguerite Koutsoukos, Olivier Van Der Meeren, Carter Bentley, Nonhlanhla N. Mkhize, Michael N. Pensiero, Vijay L. Mehra, James G. Kublin, Lawrence Corey, David C. Montefiori, Glenda E. Gray, M. Juliana McElrath, Georgia D. Tomaras

Association of moderate alcohol intake with in vivo amyloid-beta deposition in human brain: A cross-sectional study

Jee Wook Kim, Min Soo Byun, Dahyun Yi, Jun Ho Lee, Kang Ko, So Yeon Jeon, Bo Kyung Sohn, Jun-Young Lee, Yu Kyeong Kim, Seong A Shin, Chul-Ho Sohn, Dong Young Lee, for the KBASE Research Group

Virological suppression and clinical management in response to viremia in South African HIV treatment program: A multicenter cohort study

Lucas E. Hermans, Sergio Carmona, Monique Nijhuis, Hugo A. Tempelman, Douglas D. Richman, Michelle Moorhouse, Diederick E. Grobbee, Willem D. F. Venter, Annemarie M. J. Wensing

Association between non-malignant monoclonal gammopathy and adverse outcomes in chronic kidney disease: A cohort study

Anthony Fenton, Rajkumar Chinnadurai, Latha Gullapudi, Petros Kampanis, Indranil Dasgupta, James Ritchie, Stephen Harding, Charles J. Ferro, Philip A. Kalra, Maarten W. Taal, Paul Cockwell