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April 2019

The leading infectious cause of death worldwide, tuberculosis demands an urgent response that will realistically enable the disease's elimination. Despite increases in funding for TB prevention and care in recent years, progress towards TB elimination still lags behind WHO- and UN-endorsed targets, underscoring the need for novel approaches.

This month in PLOS Medicine we are proud to launch a Special Issue on New Tools and Strategies for Tuberculosis Diagnosis, Care, and Elimination, guest edited by Claudia Denkinger, Richard Chaisson, and Mark Hatherill. This Special Issue includes high-quality research focusing on novel biomarkers and diagnostic techniques, development of new treatments and vaccines, and testing of new strategies to find and treat tuberculosis and enhance adherence to therapy.

In this issue's Editorial, the Guest Editors highlight some of the research publishing in this special issue and how these studies focusing on discovery, clinical trials and implementation research collectively add to the prospects for reaching the EndTB targets of the WHO by 2035.

Image Credit: GDJ, Pixabay and NIAID, Flickr


Addressing critical needs in the fight to end tuberculosis with innovative tools and strategies

Mark Hatherill, Richard E. Chaisson, Claudia M. Denkinger


Tuberculosis vaccines: Rising opportunities

Johan Vekemans, Katherine L. O’Brien, Jeremy Farrar

Research Articles

Tuberculosis drugs’ distribution and emergence of resistance in patient’s lung lesions: A mechanistic model and tool for regimen and dose optimization

Natasha Strydom, Sneha V. Gupta, William S. Fox, Laura E. Via, Hyeeun Bang, Myungsun Lee, Seokyong Eum, TaeSun Shim, Clifton E. Barry III, Matthew Zimmerman, Véronique Dartois, Radojka M. Savic

Risk score for predicting mortality including urine lipoarabinomannan detection in hospital inpatients with HIV-associated tuberculosis in sub-Saharan Africa: Derivation and external validation cohort study

Ankur Gupta-Wright, Elizabeth L. Corbett, Douglas Wilson, Joep J. van Oosterhout, Keertan Dheda, Helena Huerga, Jonny Peter, Maryline Bonnet, Melanie Alufandika-Moyo, Daniel Grint, Stephen D. Lawn, Katherine Fielding

Octreotide-LAR in later-stage autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ALADIN 2): A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter trial

Norberto Perico, Piero Ruggenenti, Annalisa Perna, Anna Caroli, Matias Trillini, Sandro Sironi, Antonio Pisani, Eleonora Riccio, Massimo Imbriaco, Mauro Dugo, Giovanni Morana, Antonio Granata, Michele Figuera, Flavio Gaspari, Fabiola Carrara, Nadia Rubis, Alessandro Villa, Sara Gamba, Silvia Prandini, Monica Cortinovis, Andrea Remuzzi, Giuseppe Remuzzi, for the ALADIN 2 Study Group

Preferences for HIV testing services among men who have sex with men in the UK: A discrete choice experiment

Alec Miners, Tom Nadarzynski, Charles Witzel, Andrew N. Phillips, Valentina Cambiano, Alison J. Rodger, Carrie D. Llewellyn

Effects of repeat prenatal corticosteroids given to women at risk of preterm birth: An individual participant data meta-analysis

Caroline A. Crowther, Philippa F. Middleton, Merryn Voysey, Lisa Askie, Sasha Zhang, Tanya K. Martlow, Fariba Aghajafari, Elizabeth V. Asztalos, Peter Brocklehurst, Sourabh Dutta, Thomas J. Garite, Debra A. Guinn, Mikko Hallman, Pollyanna Hardy, Men-Jean Lee, Kimberley Maurel, Premasish Mazumder, Cindy McEvoy, Kellie E. Murphy, Outi M. Peltoniemi, Elizabeth A. Thom, Ronald J. Wapner, Lex W. Doyle, the PRECISE Group

Lipoarabinomannan in sputum to detect bacterial load and treatment response in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis: Analytic validation and evaluation in two cohorts

Masanori Kawasaki, Carmenchu Echiverri, Lawrence Raymond, Elizabeth Cadena, Evelyn Reside, Maria Tarcela Gler, Tetsuya Oda, Ryuta Ito, Ryo Higashiyama, Kiyonori Katsuragi, Yongge Liu

The incidence of pregnancy hypertension in India, Pakistan, Mozambique, and Nigeria: A prospective population-level analysis

Laura A. Magee, Sumedha Sharma, Hannah L. Nathan, Olalekan O. Adetoro, Mrutynjaya B. Bellad, Shivaprasad Goudar, Salécio E. Macuacua, Ashalata Mallapur, Rahat Qureshi, Esperança Sevene, John Sotunsa, Anifa Valá, Tang Lee, Beth A. Payne, Marianne Vidler, Andrew H. Shennan, Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Peter von Dadelszen, the CLIP Study Group

Screening for breech presentation using universal late-pregnancy ultrasonography: A prospective cohort study and cost effectiveness analysis

David Wastlund, Alexandros A. Moraitis, Alison Dacey, Ulla Sovio, Edward C. F. Wilson, Gordon C. S. Smith

Discovery and validation of a prognostic proteomic signature for tuberculosis progression: A prospective cohort study

Adam Penn-Nicholson, Thomas Hraha, Ethan G. Thompson, David Sterling, Stanley Kimbung Mbandi, Kirsten M. Wall, Michelle Fisher, Sara Suliman, Smitha Shankar, Willem A. Hanekom, Nebojsa Janjic, Mark Hatherill, Stefan H. E. Kaufmann, Jayne Sutherland, Gerhard Walzl, Mary Ann De Groote, Urs Ochsner, Daniel E. Zak, Thomas J. Scriba, ACS and GC6–74 cohort study groups

Related Articles

Socioeconomic position and use of healthcare in the last year of life: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Joanna M. Davies, Katherine E. Sleeman, Javiera Leniz, Rebecca Wilson, Irene J. Higginson, Julia Verne, Matthew Maddocks, Fliss E. M. Murtagh

Related Articles

Lay health supporters aided by mobile text messaging to improve adherence, symptoms, and functioning among people with schizophrenia in a resource-poor community in rural China (LEAN): A randomized controlled trial

Dong (Roman) Xu, Shuiyuan Xiao, Hua He, Eric D. Caine, Stephen Gloyd, Jane Simoni, James P. Hughes, Juan Nie, Meijuan Lin, Wenjun He, Yeqing Yuan, Wenjie Gong

Extended prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism after hospitalization for medical illness: A trial sequential and cumulative meta-analysis

Navkaranbir S. Bajaj, Muthiah Vaduganathan, Arman Qamar, Kartik Gupta, Ankur Gupta, Harsh Golwala, Javed Butler, Samuel Z. Goldhaber, Mandeep R. Mehra

Pharmacokinetics, optimal dosing, and safety of linezolid in children with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: Combined data from two prospective observational studies

Anthony J. Garcia-Prats, H. Simon Schaaf, Heather R. Draper, Maria Garcia-Cremades, Jana Winckler, Lubbe Wiesner, Anneke C. Hesseling, Rada M. Savic

Alternate aerosol and systemic immunisation with a recombinant viral vector for tuberculosis, MVA85A: A phase I randomised controlled trial

Zita-Rose Manjaly Thomas, Iman Satti, Julia L. Marshall, Stephanie A. Harris, Raquel Lopez Ramon, Ali Hamidi, Alice Minhinnick, Michael Riste, Lisa Stockdale, Alison M. Lawrie, Samantha Vermaak, Morven Wilkie, Henry Bettinson, Helen McShane

Diagnostic value of the urine lipoarabinomannan assay in HIV-positive, ambulatory patients with CD4 below 200 cells/μl in 2 low-resource settings: A prospective observational study

Helena Huerga, Sekai Chenai Mathabire Rucker, Loide Cossa, Mathieu Bastard, Isabel Amoros, Ivan Manhiça, Kuzani Mbendera, Alex Telnov, Elisabeth Szumilin, Elisabeth Sanchez-Padilla, Lucas Molfino

Whole-genome and targeted sequencing of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis on the iSeq100 and MiSeq: A performance, ease-of-use, and cost evaluation

Rebecca E. Colman, Aurélien Mace, Marva Seifert, Jonathan Hetzel, Haifa Mshaiel, Anita Suresh, Darrin Lemmer, David M. Engelthaler, Donald G. Catanzaro, Amanda G. Young, Claudia M. Denkinger, Timothy C. Rodwell

Related Articles

Contact tracing versus facility-based screening for active TB case finding in rural South Africa: A pragmatic cluster-randomized trial (Kharitode TB)

Colleen F. Hanrahan, Bareng A. S. Nonyane, Lesego Mmolawa, Nora S. West, Tsundzukani Siwelana, Limakatso Lebina, Neil Martinson, David W. Dowdy