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February 2018

Despite heavy research investments, there has been little if any progress towards an effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease, and leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer recently shuttered its research programs into the disease. On the one-year anniversary of the Special Issue on Dementia, the PLOS Medicine Editors discuss the challenges of addressing a growing population with Alzheimer disease and dementia amidst disappointing news from the pharmaceutical industry. Repeated failures demand new strategies, and an aging population requires action, not surrender.

Image Credit: Daw8ID, Pixabay


Setbacks in Alzheimer research demand new strategies, not surrender

Björn Jobke, Thomas McBride, Linda Nevin, Larry Peiperl, Amy Ross, Clare Stone, Richard Turner, as the PLOS Medicine Editors

Research Articles

Susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to azithromycin and ceftriaxone in China: A retrospective study of national surveillance data from 2013 to 2016

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Impact of person-centred care training and person-centred activities on quality of life, agitation, and antipsychotic use in people with dementia living in nursing homes: A cluster-randomised controlled trial

Clive Ballard, Anne Corbett, Martin Orrell, Gareth Williams, Esme Moniz-Cook, Renee Romeo, Bob Woods, Lucy Garrod, Ingelin Testad, Barbara Woodward-Carlton, Jennifer Wenborn, Martin Knapp, Jane Fossey

Population impact of lung cancer screening in the United States: Projections from a microsimulation model

Steven D. Criss, Deirdre F. Sheehan, Lauren Palazzo, Chung Yin Kong

Perfluoroalkyl substances and changes in body weight and resting metabolic rate in response to weight-loss diets: A prospective study

Gang Liu, Klodian Dhana, Jeremy D. Furtado, Jennifer Rood, Geng Zong, Liming Liang, Lu Qi, George A. Bray, Lilian DeJonge, Brent Coull, Philippe Grandjean, Qi Sun

Risk and surrogate benefit for pediatric Phase I trials in oncology: A systematic review with meta-analysis

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The 2014–2015 Ebola virus disease outbreak and primary healthcare delivery in Liberia: Time-series analyses for 2010–2016

Bradley H. Wagenaar, Orvalho Augusto, Jason Beste, Stephen J. Toomay, Eugene Wickett, Nelson Dunbar, Luke Bawo, Chea Sanford Wesseh

The potential impact of case-area targeted interventions in response to cholera outbreaks: A modeling study

Flavio Finger, Enrico Bertuzzo, Francisco J. Luquero, Nathan Naibei, Brahima Touré, Maya Allan, Klaudia Porten, Justin Lessler, Andrea Rinaldo, Andrew S. Azman

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