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June 2017

Estimates indicate that, worldwide, approximately one million sexually transmitted infections occur each day, incurring an enormous burden of morbidity, mortality and further infections. The pathogens responsible include bacteria, parasites and viruses, and intensive research is needed to address the substantial barriers to diagnosis and treatment, and the behavioral challenges of prevention. In this month's Editorial, Nicola Low and coauthors announce a call for research papers addressing the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Published alongside the Editorial are several discussion pieces forming part of a Collection addressing global policy and practice on sexually transmitted infections, sponsored by WHO.

Image Credit: iamagenious and NIAID, Flickr; kerryank, Pixabay


Data Sharing Statements for Clinical Trials: A Requirement of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors

Darren B. Taichman, Peush Sahni, Anja Pinborg, Larry Peiperl, Christine Laine, Astrid James, Sung-Tae Hong, Abraham Haileamlak, Laragh Gollogly, Fiona Godlee, Frank A. Frizelle, Fernando Florenzano, Jeffrey M. Drazen, Howard Bauchner, Christopher Baethge, Joyce Backus

Policy Forums

Elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and Syphilis (EMTCT): Process, progress, and program integration

Melanie Taylor, Lori Newman, Naoko Ishikawa, Maura Laverty, Chika Hayashi, Massimo Ghidinelli, Razia Pendse, Lali Khotenashvili, Shaffiq Essajee

Collection Review

Pathways and progress to enhanced global sexually transmitted infection surveillance

Melanie M. Taylor, Eline Korenromp, Teodora Wi

Research Articles

Reducing US cardiovascular disease burden and disparities through national and targeted dietary policies: A modelling study

Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, Piotr Bandosz, Colin D. Rehm, Jose Penalvo, Laurie Whitsel, Tom Gaziano, Zach Conrad, Parke Wilde, Renata Micha, Ffion Lloyd-Williams, Simon Capewell, Dariush Mozaffarian, Martin O’Flaherty

Risk factors and short-term projections for serotype-1 poliomyelitis incidence in Pakistan: A spatiotemporal analysis

Natalie A. Molodecky, Isobel M. Blake, Kathleen M. O’Reilly, Mufti Zubair Wadood, Rana M. Safdar, Amy Wesolowski, Caroline O. Buckee, Ananda S. Bandyopadhyay, Hiromasa Okayasu, Nicholas C. Grassly

Estimating the causal influence of body mass index on risk of Parkinson disease: A Mendelian randomisation study

Alastair J. Noyce, Demis A. Kia, Gibran Hemani, Aude Nicolas, T. Ryan Price, Eduardo De Pablo-Fernandez, Philip C. Haycock, Patrick A. Lewis, Thomas Foltynie, George Davey Smith, International Parkinson Disease Genomics Consortium, Anette Schrag, Andrew J. Lees, John Hardy, Andrew Singleton, Mike A. Nalls, Neil Pearce, Debbie A. Lawlor, Nicholas W. Wood

Population-level impact of an accelerated HIV response plan to reach the UNAIDS 90-90-90 target in Côte d’Ivoire: Insights from mathematical modeling

Mathieu Maheu-Giroux, Juan F. Vesga, Souleymane Diabaté, Michel Alary, Stefan Baral, Daouda Diouf, Kouamé Abo, Marie-Claude Boily

Validity of a minimally invasive autopsy tool for cause of death determination in pediatric deaths in Mozambique: An observational study

Quique Bassat, Paola Castillo, Miguel J. Martínez, Dercio Jordao, Lucilia Lovane, Juan Carlos Hurtado, Tacilta Nhampossa, Paula Santos Ritchie, Sónia Bandeira, Calvino Sambo, Valeria Chicamba, Mamudo R. Ismail, Carla Carrilho, Cesaltina Lorenzoni, Fabiola Fernandes, Pau Cisteró, Alfredo Mayor, Anelsio Cossa, Inacio Mandomando, Mireia Navarro, Isaac Casas, Jordi Vila, Khátia Munguambe, Maria Maixenchs, Ariadna Sanz, Llorenç Quintó, Eusebio Macete, Pedro Alonso, Clara Menéndez, Jaume Ordi

Related Articles

Validity of a minimally invasive autopsy for cause of death determination in stillborn babies and neonates in Mozambique: An observational study

Clara Menendez, Paola Castillo, Miguel J. Martínez, Dercio Jordao, Lucilia Lovane, Mamudo R. Ismail, Carla Carrilho, Cesaltina Lorenzoni, Fabiola Fernandes, Tacilta Nhampossa, Juan Carlos Hurtado, Mireia Navarro, Isaac Casas, Paula Santos Ritchie, Sonia Bandeira, Sibone Mocumbi, Zara Jaze, Flora Mabota, Khátia Munguambe, Maria Maixenchs, Ariadna Sanz, Inacio Mandomando, Alfons Nadal, Anna Goncé, Carmen Muñoz-Almagro, Llorenç Quintó, Jordi Vila, Eusebio Macete, Pedro Alonso, Jaume Ordi, Quique Bassat

Related Articles

Contribution of cognitive performance and cognitive decline to associations between socioeconomic factors and dementia: A cohort study

Jennifer Rusmaully, Aline Dugravot, Jean-Paul Moatti, Michael G. Marmot, Alexis Elbaz, Mika Kivimaki, Séverine Sabia, Archana Singh-Manoux

Low-intensity cognitive-behaviour therapy interventions for obsessive-compulsive disorder compared to waiting list for therapist-led cognitive-behaviour therapy: 3-arm randomised controlled trial of clinical effectiveness

Karina Lovell, Peter Bower, Judith Gellatly, Sarah Byford, Penny Bee, Dean McMillan, Catherine Arundel, Simon Gilbody, Lina Gega, Gillian Hardy, Shirley Reynolds, Michael Barkham, Patricia Mottram, Nicola Lidbetter, Rebecca Pedley, Jo Molle, Emily Peckham, Jasmin Knopp-Hoffer, Owen Price, Janice Connell, Margaret Heslin, Christopher Foley, Faye Plummer, Christopher Roberts

Mammographic density and ageing: A collaborative pooled analysis of cross-sectional data from 22 countries worldwide

Anya Burton, Gertraud Maskarinec, Beatriz Perez-Gomez, Celine Vachon, Hui Miao, Martín Lajous, Ruy López-Ridaura, Megan Rice, Ana Pereira, Maria Luisa Garmendia, Rulla M. Tamimi, Kimberly Bertrand, Ava Kwong, Giske Ursin, Eunjung Lee, Samera A. Qureshi, Huiyan Ma, Sarah Vinnicombe, Sue Moss, Steve Allen, Rose Ndumia, Sudhir Vinayak, Soo-Hwang Teo, Shivaani Mariapun, Farhana Fadzli, Beata Peplonska, Agnieszka Bukowska, Chisato Nagata, Jennifer Stone, John Hopper, Graham Giles, Vahit Ozmen, Mustafa Erkin Aribal, Joachim Schüz, Carla H. Van Gils, Johanna O. P. Wanders, Reza Sirous, Mehri Sirous, John Hipwell, Jisun Kim, Jong Won Lee, Caroline Dickens, Mikael Hartman, Kee-Seng Chia, Christopher Scott, Anna M. Chiarelli, Linda Linton, Marina Pollan, Anath Arzee Flugelman, Dorria Salem, Rasha Kamal, Norman Boyd, Isabel dos-Santos-Silva, Valerie McCormack