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February 2016

Diabetes is now recognized as a global problem, with recent estimates of a staggering 410 million people with diabetes mellitus in 2013. It is estimated that by 2040 one in ten adults will be living with this condition. This month's Editorial in PLOS Medicine focuses on this issue and Professors Nick Wareham and William Herman discuss the challenges that face society; specifically how population-level changes are needed, using multiple approaches to slow down or reverse the onwards increase in incidence. Professors Wareham and Herman are the Guest Editors of our upcoming summer special issue on diabetes prevention and further information on submitting to the journal is provided in the Editorial.

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The Future of Diabetes Prevention: A Call for Papers

The PLOS Medicine Editors


The Health Care Consequences Of Australian Immigration Policies

John-Paul Sanggaran, Bridget Haire, Deborah Zion

The Rise of Consumer Health Wearables: Promises and Barriers

Lukasz Piwek, David A. Ellis, Sally Andrews, Adam Joinson

Transforming Living Kidney Donation with a Comprehensive Strategy

Matthew B. Allen, Peter P. Reese

Health in Action

A Time for Global Action: Addressing Girls’ Menstrual Hygiene Management Needs in Schools

Marni Sommer, Bethany A. Caruso, Murat Sahin, Teresa Calderon, Sue Cavill, Therese Mahon, Penelope A. Phillips-Howard

Policy Forum

When Children Become Adults: Should Biobanks Re-Contact?

Noor A. A. Giesbertz, Annelien L. Bredenoord, Johannes J. M. van Delden

Research Articles

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in China: Modeling Epidemic Dynamics of Enterovirus Serotypes and Implications for Vaccination

Saki Takahashi, Qiaohong Liao, Thomas P. Van Boeckel, Weijia Xing, Junling Sun, Victor Y. Hsiao, C. Jessica E. Metcalf, Zhaorui Chang, Fengfeng Liu, Jing Zhang, Joseph T. Wu, Benjamin J. Cowling, Gabriel M. Leung, Jeremy J. Farrar, H. Rogier van Doorn, Bryan T. Grenfell, Hongjie Yu

Microenvironmental Heterogeneity Parallels Breast Cancer Progression: A Histology–Genomic Integration Analysis

Rachael Natrajan, Heba Sailem, Faraz K. Mardakheh, Mar Arias Garcia, Christopher J. Tape, Mitch Dowsett, Chris Bakal, Yinyin Yuan

Estimated Effects of Different Alcohol Taxation and Price Policies on Health Inequalities: A Mathematical Modelling Study

Petra S. Meier, John Holmes, Colin Angus, Abdallah K. Ally, Yang Meng, Alan Brennan

Mortality, Morbidity, and Developmental Outcomes in Infants Born to Women Who Received Either Mefloquine or Sulfadoxine-Pyrimethamine as Intermittent Preventive Treatment of Malaria in Pregnancy: A Cohort Study

María Rupérez, Raquel González, Ghyslain Mombo-Ngoma, Abdunoor M. Kabanywanyi, Esperança Sevene, Smaïla Ouédraogo, Mwaka A. Kakolwa, Anifa Vala, Manfred Accrombessi, Valérie Briand, John J. Aponte, Rella Manego Zoleko, Ayôla A. Adegnika, Michel Cot, Peter G. Kremsner, Achille Massougbodji, Salim Abdulla, Michael Ramharter, Eusébio Macete, Clara Menéndez