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December 2015

For the 2015 end-of-the-year editorial, the PLOS Medicine editors asked 11 researchers and clinicians spanning a range of specialties to comment on the state of their field and what they expect or hope to see next year. From cardiovascular diseases and diabetes to cancer to infectious diseases, from new research and technologies to clinical practice, and from training to health policy and strategy, our contributors had plenty to say. Here's to a healthy 2016!

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Progress in Medicine: Experts Take Stock

The PLOS Medicine Editors, Andrew Beck, Ewan Birney, Manuel Graeber, James Tumwine, Phillipa Hay, Hyeong Sik Ahn, Anushka Patel, Philipp du Cros, Lorenz von Seidlein, Nick Wareham, Nicola Low


Police Killings and Police Deaths Are Public Health Data and Can Be Counted

Nancy Krieger, Jarvis T. Chen, Pamela D. Waterman, Mathew V. Kiang, Justin Feldman

A Successful Failure: Missing the MDG4 Target for Under-Five Mortality in South Africa

Peter Byass, Chodziwadziwa W. Kabudula, Paul Mee, Sizzy Ngobeni, Bernard Silaule, F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé, Mark A. Collinson, Aviva Tugendhaft, Ryan G. Wagner, Rhian Twine, Karen Hofman, Stephen M. Tollman, Kathleen Kahn

Resuscitating the Dying Autopsy

Quique Bassat, Paola Castillo, Pedro L. Alonso, Jaume Ordi, Clara Menéndez

Policy Forums

The Ebola Vaccine, Iatrogenic Injuries, and Legal Liability

Amir Attaran, Kumanan Wilson

Diversity in Clinical and Biomedical Research: A Promise Yet to Be Fulfilled

Sam S. Oh, Joshua Galanter, Neeta Thakur, Maria Pino-Yanes, Nicolas E. Barcelo, Marquitta J. White, Danielle M. de Bruin, Ruth M. Greenblatt, Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, Alan H. B. Wu, Luisa N. Borrell, Chris Gunter, Neil R. Powe, Esteban G. Burchard

Public Health and International Partnerships in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

John Grundy, Beverley-Ann Biggs, David B. Hipgrave

Collection Review

World Health Organization Global Estimates and Regional Comparisons of the Burden of Foodborne Disease in 2010

Arie H. Havelaar, Martyn D. Kirk, Paul R. Torgerson, Herman J. Gibb, Tine Hald, Robin J. Lake, Nicolas Praet, David C. Bellinger, Nilanthi R. de Silva, Neyla Gargouri, Niko Speybroeck, Amy Cawthorne, Colin Mathers, Claudia Stein, Frederick J. Angulo, Brecht Devleesschauwer, on behalf of World Health Organization Foodborne Disease Burden Epidemiology Reference Group

Research Articles

Inequalities in Alcohol-Related Mortality in 17 European Countries: A Retrospective Analysis of Mortality Registers

Johan P. Mackenbach, Ivana Kulhánová, Matthias Bopp, Carme Borrell, Patrick Deboosere, Katalin Kovács, Caspar W. N. Looman, Mall Leinsalu, Pia Mäkelä, Pekka Martikainen, Gwenn Menvielle, Maica Rodríguez-Sanz, Jitka Rychtaříková, Rianne de Gelder

Use of Viremia to Evaluate the Baseline Case Fatality Ratio of Ebola Virus Disease and Inform Treatment Studies: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Oumar Faye, Alessio Andronico, Ousmane Faye, Henrik Salje, Pierre-Yves Boëlle, N’Faly Magassouba, Elhadj Ibrahima Bah, Lamine Koivogui, Boubacar Diallo, Alpha Amadou Diallo, Sakoba Keita, Mandy Kader Konde, Robert Fowler, Gamou Fall, Simon Cauchemez, Amadou Alpha Sall

World Health Organization Estimates of the Global and Regional Disease Burden of 11 Foodborne Parasitic Diseases, 2010: A Data Synthesis

Paul R. Torgerson, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Nicolas Praet, Niko Speybroeck, Arve Lee Willingham, Fumiko Kasuga, Mohammad B. Rokni, Xiao-Nong Zhou, Eric M. Fèvre, Banchob Sripa, Neyla Gargouri, Thomas Fürst, Christine M. Budke, Hélène Carabin, Martyn D. Kirk, Frederick J. Angulo, Arie Havelaar, Nilanthi de Silva

World Health Organization Estimates of the Global and Regional Disease Burden of 22 Foodborne Bacterial, Protozoal, and Viral Diseases, 2010: A Data Synthesis

Martyn D. Kirk, Sara M. Pires, Robert E. Black, Marisa Caipo, John A. Crump, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Dörte Döpfer, Aamir Fazil, Christa L. Fischer-Walker, Tine Hald, Aron J. Hall, Karen H. Keddy, Robin J. Lake, Claudio F. Lanata, Paul R. Torgerson, Arie H. Havelaar, Frederick J. Angulo

Related Articles

A Molecular Host Response Assay to Discriminate Between Sepsis and Infection-Negative Systemic Inflammation in Critically Ill Patients: Discovery and Validation in Independent Cohorts

Leo McHugh, Therese A. Seldon, Roslyn A. Brandon, James T. Kirk, Antony Rapisarda, Allison J. Sutherland, Jeffrey J. Presneill, Deon J. Venter, Jeffrey Lipman, Mervyn R. Thomas, Peter M. C. Klein Klouwenberg, Lonneke van Vught, Brendon Scicluna, Marc Bonten, Olaf L. Cremer, Marcus J. Schultz, Tom van der Poll, Thomas D. Yager, Richard B. Brandon

Acute Cardiovascular Events after Herpes Zoster: A Self-Controlled Case Series Analysis in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Older Residents of the United States

Caroline Minassian, Sara L. Thomas, Liam Smeeth, Ian Douglas, Ruth Brauer, Sinéad M. Langan

Bariatric Surgery in the United Kingdom: A Cohort Study of Weight Loss and Clinical Outcomes in Routine Clinical Care

Ian J. Douglas, Krishnan Bhaskaran, Rachel L. Batterham, Liam Smeeth

Association between Regimen Composition and Treatment Response in Patients with Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis: A Prospective Cohort Study

Courtney M. Yuen, Ekaterina V. Kurbatova, Thelma Tupasi, Janice Campos Caoili, Martie Van Der Walt, Charlotte Kvasnovsky, Martin Yagui, Jaime Bayona, Carmen Contreras, Vaira Leimane, Julia Ershova, Laura E. Via, HeeJin Kim, Somsak Akksilp, Boris Y. Kazennyy, Grigory V. Volchenkov, Ruwen Jou, Kai Kliiman, Olga V. Demikhova, Irina A. Vasilyeva, Tracy Dalton, J. Peter Cegielski