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October 2014

On the occasion of the journal's tenth anniversary, the PLOS Medicine Editors reflect on the challenge of attaining universal availability for high-quality medical research.

Noting that publishing medical research "combines an ethical imperative to ensure the reliability of published research with an ethical imperative to ensure universal accessibility and reuse," the editors encourage medical researchers to take an active role in improving the publishing landscape by submitting their work to journals that uphold these two imperatives.

The editors highlight several PLOS Medicine papers that have challenged the status quo in medical publishing, including guidelines for improving research reporting, reports of unhealthy industry practices, and a broad data availability policy.

Image Credit: Larry Peiperl


PLOS Medicine at 10 Years: Two Imperatives

The PLOS Medicine Editors


How to Make More Published Research True

John P. A. Ioannidis

Policy Forum

Europe Needs a Central, Transparent, and Evidence-Based Approval Process for Behavioural Prevention Interventions

Fabrizio Faggiano, Elias Allara, Fabrizia Giannotta, Roberta Molinar, Harry Sumnall, Reinout Wiers, Susan Michie, Linda Collins, Patricia Conrod

Guidelines and Guidance

Critical Appraisal and Data Extraction for Systematic Reviews of Prediction Modelling Studies: The CHARMS Checklist

Karel G. M. Moons, Joris A. H. de Groot, Walter Bouwmeester, Yvonne Vergouwe, Susan Mallett, Douglas G. Altman, Johannes B. Reitsma, Gary S. Collins

Research Articles

Description of 3,180 Courses of Chelation with Dimercaptosuccinic Acid in Children ≤5 y with Severe Lead Poisoning in Zamfara, Northern Nigeria: A Retrospective Analysis of Programme Data

Natalie Thurtle, Jane Greig, Lauren Cooney, Yona Amitai, Cono Ariti, Mary Jean Brown, Michael J. Kosnett, Krystel Moussally, Nasir Sani-Gwarzo, Henry Akpan, Leslie Shanks, Paul I. Dargan

Treatment of Infections in Young Infants in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Frontline Health Worker Diagnosis and Antibiotic Access

Anne CC Lee, Aruna Chandran, Hadley K. Herbert, Naoko Kozuki, Perry Markell, Rashed Shah, Harry Campbell, Igor Rudan, Abdullah H. Baqui

Association of Medical Students' Reports of Interactions with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries and Medical School Policies and Characteristics: A Cross-Sectional Study

James S. Yeh, Kirsten E. Austad, Jessica M. Franklin, Susan Chimonas, Eric G. Campbell, Jerry Avorn, Aaron S. Kesselheim

Developmental Profiles of Eczema, Wheeze, and Rhinitis: Two Population-Based Birth Cohort Studies

Danielle C. M. Belgrave, Raquel Granell, Angela Simpson, John Guiver, Christopher Bishop, Iain Buchan, A. John Henderson, Adnan Custovic

Sex-Specific Differences in Hemodialysis Prevalence and Practices and the Male-to-Female Mortality Rate: The Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study (DOPPS)

Manfred Hecking, Brian A. Bieber, Jean Ethier, Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, Gere Sunder-Plassmann, Marcus D. Säemann, Sylvia P. B. Ramirez, Brenda W. Gillespie, Ronald L. Pisoni, Bruce M. Robinson, Friedrich K. Port

The Causal Effect of Vitamin D Binding Protein (DBP) Levels on Calcemic and Cardiometabolic Diseases: A Mendelian Randomization Study

Aaron Leong, Waheed Rehman, Zari Dastani, Celia Greenwood, Nicholas Timpson, Lisa Langsetmo, Claudie Berger, METASTROKE, Lei Fu, Betty Y. L. Wong, Suneil Malik, Rainer Malik, David A. Hanley, David E. C. Cole, David Goltzman, J. Brent Richards