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July 2014

In this month's editorial, Peter J Hotez, Editor-in-Chief of PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, and Larry Peiperl, Chief Editor of PLOS Medicine, issue a call for papers on "Blue Marble Health": research on health problems that affect poorer people irrespective of the overall economic strength of the countries in which they live.

Blue Marble Health reflects the insight that wherever socioeconomic inequality is pervasive, neglected diseases and other conditions naively assumed to arise only in the context of national poverty will spread. Papers accepted for publication will be incorporated into an ongoing PLOS Collection:

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Blue Marble Health: A Call for Papers

Peter J. Hotez, Larry Peiperl

Guidelines and Guidance

Improving the Transparency of Prognosis Research: The Role of Reporting, Data Sharing, Registration, and Protocols

George Peat, Richard D. Riley, Peter Croft, Katherine I. Morley, Panayiotis A. Kyzas, Karel G. M. Moons, Pablo Perel, Ewout W. Steyerberg, Sara Schroter, Douglas G. Altman, Harry Hemingway, for the PROGRESS Group

Research Articles

Urbanicity and Lifestyle Risk Factors for Cardiometabolic Diseases in Rural Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Study

Johanna Riha, Alex Karabarinde, Gerald Ssenyomo, Steven Allender, Gershim Asiki, Anatoli Kamali, Elizabeth H. Young, Manjinder S. Sandhu, Janet Seeley

Related Articles

Mortality after Parental Death in Childhood: A Nationwide Cohort Study from Three Nordic Countries

Jiong Li, Mogens Vestergaard, Sven Cnattingius, Mika Gissler, Bodil Hammer Bech, Carsten Obel, Jørn Olsen

Association of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Giovanni Musso, Roberto Gambino, James H. Tabibian, Mattias Ekstedt, Stergios Kechagias, Masahide Hamaguchi, Rolf Hultcrantz, Hannes Hagström, Seung Kew Yoon, Phunchai Charatcharoenwitthaya, Jacob George, Francisco Barrera, Svanhildur Hafliðadóttir, Einar Stefan Björnsson, Matthew J. Armstrong, Laurence J. Hopkins, Xin Gao, Sven Francque, An Verrijken, Yusuf Yilmaz, Keith D. Lindor, Michael Charlton, Robin Haring, Markus M. Lerch, Rainer Rettig, Henry Völzke, Seungho Ryu, Guolin Li, Linda L. Wong, Mariana Machado, Helena Cortez-Pinto, Kohichiroh Yasui, Maurizio Cassader

Related Articles

The Importance of Implementation Strategy in Scaling Up Xpert MTB/RIF for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in the Indian Health-Care System: A Transmission Model

Henrik Salje, Jason R. Andrews, Sarang Deo, Srinath Satyanarayana, Amanda Y. Sun, Madhukar Pai, David W. Dowdy

Defining Catastrophic Costs and Comparing Their Importance for Adverse Tuberculosis Outcome with Multi-Drug Resistance: A Prospective Cohort Study, Peru

Tom Wingfield, Delia Boccia, Marco Tovar, Arquímedes Gavino, Karine Zevallos, Rosario Montoya, Knut Lönnroth, Carlton A. Evans

Severe Maternal Sepsis in the UK, 2011–2012: A National Case-Control Study

Colleen D. Acosta, Jennifer J. Kurinczuk, D. Nuala Lucas, Derek J. Tuffnell, Susan Sellers, Marian Knight, on behalf of the United Kingdom Obstetric Surveillance System

Association between Class III Obesity (BMI of 40–59 kg/m2) and Mortality: A Pooled Analysis of 20 Prospective Studies

Cari M. Kitahara, Alan J. Flint, Amy Berrington de Gonzalez, Leslie Bernstein, Michelle Brotzman, Robert J. MacInnis, Steven C. Moore, Kim Robien, Philip S. Rosenberg, Pramil N. Singh, Elisabete Weiderpass, Hans Olov Adami, Hoda Anton-Culver, Rachel Ballard-Barbash, Julie E. Buring, D. Michal Freedman, Gary E. Fraser, Laura E. Beane Freeman, Susan M. Gapstur, John Michael Gaziano, Graham G. Giles, Niclas Håkansson, Jane A. Hoppin, Frank B. Hu, Karen Koenig, Martha S. Linet, Yikyung Park, Alpa V. Patel, Mark P. Purdue, Catherine Schairer, Howard D. Sesso, Kala Visvanathan, Emily White, Alicja Wolk, Anne Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, Patricia Hartge

Effects of BMI, Fat Mass, and Lean Mass on Asthma in Childhood: A Mendelian Randomization Study

Raquel Granell, A. John Henderson, David M. Evans, George Davey Smith, Andrew R. Ness, Sarah Lewis, Tom M. Palmer, Jonathan A. C. Sterne