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May 2013

In their monthly editorial, the PLOS Medicine Editors reflect on the "paradox" of mental health. On the one hand, mental health issues are often over-treated and over-medicalized, leading to "selling sickness" as reflected in recent debates and concern about the DSM-5. But on the other hand, there are still millions of people across the globe suffering with mental health, neurological, or substance use disorders that go unrecognized and untreated, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

Over the years, PLOS Medicine has published many papers on global mental health, particularly in its Magazine section. All of these analyses were done by researchers free of financial links to manufacturers with a stake in expanded markets, thus providing the necessary independent opinion.

The global understanding of mental health is still relatively underdeveloped, however. In this editorial, PLOS Medicine reaffirms our commitment to publishing rigorous, insightful research and commentary on a broad range of issues around global mental health.

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Health in Action

Providing Impetus, Tools, and Guidance to Strengthen National Capacity for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Viet Nam

Heiman F. L. Wertheim, Arjun Chandna, Phu Dinh Vu, Ca Van Pham, Phong Dai Thi Nguyen, Yen Minh Lam, Chau Vinh Van Nguyen, Mattias Larsson, Ulf Rydell, Lennart E. Nilsson, Jeremy Farrar, Kinh Van Nguyen, Håkan Hanberger

Integrating Global and National Knowledge to Select Medicines for Children: The Ghana National Drugs Programme

David Sinclair, Martha Gyansa-Lutterodt, Brian Asare, Augustina Koduah, Edith Andrews, Paul Garner

Policy Forums

Guidelines and Guidance

Setting Research Priorities to Reduce Mortality and Morbidity of Childhood Diarrhoeal Disease in the Next 15 Years

Kerri Wazny, Alvin Zipursky, Robert Black, Valerie Curtis, Christopher Duggan, Richard Guerrant, Myron Levine, William A. Petri Jr, Mathuram Santosham, Rebecca Scharf, Philip M. Sherman, Evan Simpson, Mark Young, Zulfiqar A. Bhutta


Measuring Coverage in MNCH: Total Survey Error and the Interpretation of Intervention Coverage Estimates from Household Surveys

Thomas P. Eisele, Dale A. Rhoda, Felicity T. Cutts, Joseph Keating, Ruilin Ren, Aluisio J. D. Barros, Fred Arnold

Measuring Coverage in MNCH: Indicators for Global Tracking of Newborn Care

Allisyn C. Moran, Kate Kerber, Deborah Sitrin, Tanya Guenther, Claudia S. Morrissey, Holly Newby, Joy Fishel, P. Stan Yoder, Zelee Hill, Joy E. Lawn

Measuring Coverage in MNCH: Challenges in Monitoring the Proportion of Young Children with Pneumonia Who Receive Antibiotic Treatment

Harry Campbell, Shams el Arifeen, Tabish Hazir, James O'Kelly, Jennifer Bryce, Igor Rudan, Shamim Ahmad Qazi

Measuring Coverage in MNCH: New Findings, New Strategies, and Recommendations for Action

Jennifer Bryce, Fred Arnold, Ann Blanc, Attila Hancioglu, Holly Newby, Jennifer Requejo, Tessa Wardlaw, the CHERG Working Group on Improving Coverage Measurement

Research Articles

Measuring Coverage in MNCH: Accuracy of Measuring Diagnosis and Treatment of Childhood Malaria from Household Surveys in Zambia

Thomas P. Eisele, Kafula Silumbe, Josh Yukich, Busiku Hamainza, Joseph Keating, Adam Bennett, John M. Miller

Intimate Partner Violence and Incident Depressive Symptoms and Suicide Attempts: A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Studies

Karen M. Devries, Joelle Y. Mak, Loraine J. Bacchus, Jennifer C. Child, Gail Falder, Max Petzold, Jill Astbury, Charlotte H. Watts

Related Articles

Carriage of Mycoplasma pneumoniae in the Upper Respiratory Tract of Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Children: An Observational Study

Emiel B. M. Spuesens, Pieter L. A. Fraaij, Eline G. Visser, Theo Hoogenboezem, Wim C. J. Hop, Léon N. A. van Adrichem, Frank Weber, Henriette A. Moll, Berth Broekman, Marjolein Y. Berger, Tineke van Rijsoort-Vos, Alex van Belkum, Martin Schutten, Suzan D. Pas, Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus, Nico G. Hartwig, Cornelis Vink, Annemarie M. C. van Rossum

Effect of Facilitation of Local Maternal-and-Newborn Stakeholder Groups on Neonatal Mortality: Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

Lars Åke Persson, Nguyen T. Nga, Mats Målqvist, Dinh Thi Phuong Hoa, Leif Eriksson, Lars Wallin, Katarina Selling, Tran Q. Huy, Duong M. Duc, Tran V. Tiep, Vu Thi Thu Thuy, Uwe Ewald

Contribution of H. pylori and Smoking Trends to US Incidence of Intestinal-Type Noncardia Gastric Adenocarcinoma: A Microsimulation Model

Jennifer M. Yeh, Chin Hur, Deb Schrag, Karen M. Kuntz, Majid Ezzati, Natasha Stout, Zachary Ward, Sue J. Goldie

Gene Expression Classification of Colon Cancer into Molecular Subtypes: Characterization, Validation, and Prognostic Value

Laetitia Marisa, Aurélien de Reyniès, Alex Duval, Janick Selves, Marie Pierre Gaub, Laure Vescovo, Marie-Christine Etienne-Grimaldi, Renaud Schiappa, Dominique Guenot, Mira Ayadi, Sylvain Kirzin, Maurice Chazal, Jean-François Fléjou, Daniel Benchimol, Anne Berger, Arnaud Lagarde, Erwan Pencreach, Françoise Piard, Dominique Elias, Yann Parc, Sylviane Olschwang, Gérard Milano, Pierre Laurent-Puig, Valérie Boige

Domestic Violence and Perinatal Mental Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Louise M. Howard, Sian Oram, Helen Galley, Kylee Trevillion, Gene Feder

Comparative Efficacy of Seven Psychotherapeutic Interventions for Patients with Depression: A Network Meta-Analysis

Jürgen Barth, Thomas Munder, Heike Gerger, Eveline Nüesch, Sven Trelle, Hansjörg Znoj, Peter Jüni, Pim Cuijpers