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September 2012

In their September editorial, the PLOS Medicine Editors discuss the history and outcomes of a collaboration with the World Health Organization, originally announced in January 2011, and planned to culminate in a collection coinciding with the launch of the World Health Report 2012. The collaboration commenced with a Call for Papers and has resulted in a Collection drawing together papers from across the PLOS journals expanding on the intended theme of The World Health Report 2012, “No Health Without Research”. The collection highlights new ideas, innovative thinking, and pragmatic advice on how to strengthen health research systems. The editorial also comments on the apparent shift in focus of the World Health Report and its delay to 2013.

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The World Health Report 2012 That Wasn't

The PLOS Medicine Editors


External Financial Aid to Blood Transfusion Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Need for Reflection

Fereydoun Ala, Jean-Pierre Allain, Imelda Bates, Kamel Boukef, Frank Boulton, James Brandful, Elizabeth M. Dax, Magdy El Ekiaby, Albert Farrugia, Jed Gorlin, Oliver Hassall, Helen Lee, André Loua, Kathryn Maitland, Dora Mbanya, Zainab Mukhtar, William Murphy, Ohene Opare-Sem, Shirley Owusu-Ofori, Henk Reesink, David Roberts, Oscar Torres, Grace Totoe, Henrik Ullum, Silvano Wendel

Policy Forum

Point-of-Care Testing for Infectious Diseases: Diversity, Complexity, and Barriers in Low- And Middle-Income Countries

Nitika Pant Pai, Caroline Vadnais, Claudia Denkinger, Nora Engel, Madhukar Pai

Research Articles

Gender Differences in Survival among Adult Patients Starting Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa: A Multicentre Cohort Study

Morna Cornell, Michael Schomaker, Daniela Belen Garone, Janet Giddy, Christopher J. Hoffmann, Richard Lessells, Mhairi Maskew, Hans Prozesky, Robin Wood, Leigh F. Johnson, Matthias Egger, Andrew Boulle, Landon Myer, for the International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS Southern Africa (IeDEA-SA) Collaboration

Effect of Statins on Venous Thromboembolic Events: A Meta-analysis of Published and Unpublished Evidence from Randomised Controlled Trials

Kazem Rahimi, Neeraj Bhala, Pieter Kamphuisen, Jonathan Emberson, Sara Biere-Rafi, Vera Krane, Michele Robertson, John Wikstrand, John McMurray

Related Articles

Reduced Risk of Plasmodium vivax Malaria in Papua New Guinean Children with Southeast Asian Ovalocytosis in Two Cohorts and a Case-Control Study

Anna Rosanas-Urgell, Enmoore Lin, Laurens Manning, Patricia Rarau, Moses Laman, Nicolas Senn, Brian T. Grimberg, Livingstone Tavul, Danielle I. Stanisic, Leanne J. Robinson, John J. Aponte, Elijah Dabod, John C. Reeder, Peter Siba, Peter A. Zimmerman, Timothy M. E. Davis, Christopher L. King, Pascal Michon, Ivo Mueller

The Effect of Adding Ready-to-Use Supplementary Food to a General Food Distribution on Child Nutritional Status and Morbidity: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

Lieven Huybregts, Freddy Houngbé, Cécile Salpéteur, Rebecca Brown, Dominique Roberfroid, Myriam Ait-Aissa, Patrick Kolsteren

Related Articles

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Utility-Based Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease Treatments

Melanie Wyld, Rachael Lisa Morton, Andrew Hayen, Kirsten Howard, Angela Claire Webster

Misrepresentation of Randomized Controlled Trials in Press Releases and News Coverage: A Cohort Study

Amélie Yavchitz, Isabelle Boutron, Aida Bafeta, Ibrahim Marroun, Pierre Charles, Jean Mantz, Philippe Ravaud