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June 2011

In the June editorial, the PLoS Medicine Editors highlight the global importance, impact, and health implications of trafficking in persons. The Editors argue that despite internationally agreed policies outlining states' responsibilities to protect those affected by trafficking, many countries lack the political will to establish those protections. This editorial is part of the PLoS Medicine Migration & Health Collection, which provides new insights into the ways by which global movement of people influence the health of individuals and populations, and sets out policy approaches for protecting the health of those most vulnerable during the five phases of migration.

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Human Trafficking: The Shameful Face of Migration

The PLoS Medicine Editors

Policy Forums

The Dynamics of Health and Return Migration

Anita A. Davies, Rosilyne M. Borland, Carolyn Blake, Haley E. West

Global Protection and the Health Impact of Migration Interception

Zachary Steel, Belinda J. Liddell, Catherine R. Bateman-Steel, Anthony B. Zwi

Migration and "Low-Skilled" Workers in Destination Countries

Joan Benach, Carles Muntaner, Carlos Delclos, María Menéndez, Charlene Ronquillo

Research Articles

Cardiac Complications in Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies

Vicente F. Corrales-Medina, Kathryn N. Suh, Gregory Rose, Julio A. Chirinos, Steve Doucette, D. William Cameron, Dean A. Fergusson

The Effect of Handwashing at Recommended Times with Water Alone and With Soap on Child Diarrhea in Rural Bangladesh: An Observational Study

Stephen P. Luby, Amal K. Halder, Tarique Huda, Leanne Unicomb, Richard B. Johnston

Epidemiological Characteristics of 2009 (H1N1) Pandemic Influenza Based on Paired Sera from a Longitudinal Community Cohort Study

Steven Riley, Kin O. Kwok, Kendra M. Wu, Danny Y. Ning, Benjamin J. Cowling, Joseph T. Wu, Lai-Ming Ho, Thomas Tsang, Su-Vui Lo, Daniel K. W. Chu, Edward S. K. Ma, J. S. Malik Peiris

Life Course Trajectories of Systolic Blood Pressure Using Longitudinal Data from Eight UK Cohorts

Andrew K. Wills, Debbie A. Lawlor, Fiona E. Matthews, Avan Aihie Sayer, Eleni Bakra, Yoav Ben-Shlomo, Michaela Benzeval, Eric Brunner, Rachel Cooper, Mika Kivimaki, Diana Kuh, Graciela Muniz-Terrera, Rebecca Hardy

The Effect of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy on the Survival of HIV-Infected Children in a Resource-Deprived Setting: A Cohort Study

Andrew Edmonds, Marcel Yotebieng, Jean Lusiama, Yori Matumona, Faustin Kitetele, Sonia Napravnik, Stephen R. Cole, Annelies Van Rie, Frieda Behets

Evaluation of Coseasonality of Influenza and Invasive Pneumococcal Disease: Results from Prospective Surveillance

Stefan P. Kuster, Ashleigh R. Tuite, Jeffrey C. Kwong, Allison McGeer, the Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network, David N. Fisman