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April 2010

This month's Editorial, a collaborative statement by editors from Medical Decision Making, Trials, The Cochrane Library, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, and PLoS Medicine, calls for standards in the conduct and reporting of comparative effectiveness research (CER). To optimize health outcomes within the constraints of inevitably limited resources, low- and high-income countries alike require unbiased means of assessing health care interventions for their relative effectiveness. Providing specific principles and standards for CER, the journal editors emphasize that researchers must adopt stringent methods, and medical journals must maintain high criteria for ethics, scientific rigor, and reporting, in order to fulfill the potential of research to improve decision making in health care. This statement has also been endorsed by the editors of Journal of General Internal Medicine, The American Journal of Managed Care, Clinical and Translational Science, and Croatian Medical Journal, and will be co-published in Medical Decision Making, Croatian Medical Journal, The Cochrane Library, Trials, The American Journal of Managed Care, and Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.

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Comparative Effectiveness Research: Challenges for Medical Journals

Harold C. Sox, Mark Helfand, Jeremy Grimshaw, Kay Dickersin, the PLoS Medicine Editors, David Tovey, J. André Knottnerus, Peter Tugwell

Health in Action

Laboratory Capacity Building in Asia for Infectious Disease Research: Experiences from the South East Asia Infectious Disease Clinical Research Network (SEAICRN)

Heiman F. L. Wertheim, Pilaipan Puthavathana, Ngoc My Nghiem, H. Rogier van Doorn, Trung Vu Nguyen, Hung Viet Pham, Decy Subekti, Syahrial Harun, Suhud Malik, Janet Robinson, Motiur Rahman, Walter Taylor, Niklas Lindegardh, Steve Wignall, Jeremy J. Farrar, Menno D. de Jong

Policy Forums

Improving Newborn Survival in Low-Income Countries: Community-Based Approaches and Lessons from South Asia

Nirmala Nair, Prasanta Tripathy, Audrey Prost, Anthony Costello, David Osrin

Brazil and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: Global Health Diplomacy as Soft Power

Kelley Lee, Luiz Carlos Chagas, Thomas E. Novotny

Research Articles

Association between the 2008–09 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine and Pandemic H1N1 Illness during Spring–Summer 2009: Four Observational Studies from Canada

Danuta M. Skowronski, Gaston De Serres, Natasha S. Crowcroft, Naveed Z. Janjua, Nicole Boulianne, Travis S. Hottes, Laura C. Rosella, James A. Dickinson, Rodica Gilca, Pam Sethi, Najwa Ouhoummane, Donald J. Willison, Isabelle Rouleau, Martin Petric, Kevin Fonseca, Steven J. Drews, Anuradha Rebbapragada, Hugues Charest, Marie-Ève Hamelin, Guy Boivin, Jennifer L. Gardy, Yan Li, Trijntje L. Kwindt, David M. Patrick, Robert C. Brunham, for the Canadian SAVOIR Team

Related Articles

Economic Appraisal of Ontario's Universal Influenza Immunization Program: A Cost-Utility Analysis

Beate Sander, Jeffrey C. Kwong, Chris T. Bauch, Andreas Maetzel, Allison McGeer, Janet M. Raboud, Murray Krahn

Early Emergence of Ethnic Differences in Type 2 Diabetes Precursors in the UK: The Child Heart and Health Study in England (CHASE Study)

Peter H. Whincup, Claire M. Nightingale, Christopher G. Owen, Alicja R. Rudnicka, Ian Gibb, Catherine M. McKay, Angela S. Donin, Naveed Sattar, K. George M. M. Alberti, Derek G. Cook

The Effect of Rural-to-Urban Migration on Obesity and Diabetes in India: A Cross-Sectional Study

Shah Ebrahim, Sanjay Kinra, Liza Bowen, Elizabeth Andersen, Yoav Ben-Shlomo, Tanica Lyngdoh, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, R. C. Ahuja, Prashant Joshi, S. Mohan Das, Murali Mohan, George Davey Smith, Dorairaj Prabhakaran, K. Srinath Reddy, for the Indian Migration Study group ¶

Related Articles

Alternative Strategies to Reduce Maternal Mortality in India: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Sue J. Goldie, Steve Sweet, Natalie Carvalho, Uma Chandra Mouli Natchu, Delphine Hu

Preoperative/Neoadjuvant Therapy in Pancreatic Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Response and Resection Percentages

Sonja Gillen, Tibor Schuster, Christian Meyer zum Büschenfelde, Helmut Friess, Jörg Kleeff