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March 2009

This mosaic of photographs of reporting and the media was created by Darcy Gill using the collage tools on The attribution of the original photographs is below.

The subject of this month's editorial is media reporting of suicide, prompted by a study (Kapur et al., e1000026) published earlier this month finding that young men who left the UK Armed Forces were at a higher risk of suicide than those in the general population or in active service. An expert commentary published alongside the research highlighted an intervention to prevent suicide in a military population and considered more general public health approaches to suicide prevention; it also stressed the media's responsibility to report suicides in a non-sensationalized way (Sareen and Belik, e1000035).

The editorial discusses what types of media reports have an effect on suicidal behavior, what constitutes safe reporting of suicides, and what PLoS Medicine did to promote the responsible reporting of this study. Quoting Australia's Media Monitoring Project, the editorial argues that the responsible media reporting of suicide can help "destigmatise mental illness in our community."

Image Credit: March Mosaic 3, created by Darcy Gill. Original images (left to right, from top row to bottom) by Solar ikon, Hamed Saber, [Zenat El3ain]TM, rutlo, Alex Barth, booleansplit, Coffee Lover, flequi, notelse, renatotarga, sskennel, EliYokley[photography], BRAYDAWG, Rosa y Dani, Duchamp, and krossbow.

Guidelines and Guidance

Systematic Reviews of Genetic Association Studies

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Setting Research Priorities To Reduce Global Mortality from Childhood Diarrhoea by 2015

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Research in Translation

The Alcohol Flushing Response: An Unrecognized Risk Factor for Esophageal Cancer from Alcohol Consumption

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Learning Forum

Furious Rabies after an Atypical Exposure

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Research Articles

Prognostic Accuracy of WHO Growth Standards to Predict Mortality in a Large-Scale Nutritional Program in Niger

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A World Malaria Map: Plasmodium falciparum Endemicity in 2007

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Sukanta Saha, Adrian G Barnett, Claire Foldi, Thomas H Burne, Darryl W Eyles, Stephen L Buka, John J McGrath

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