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February 2009

The image illustrates this month's debate (Gøtzsche et al. e1000023) on ghostwriting in medical literature: the failure to name, as an author, an individual who has made substantial contributions to an article. Three different viewpoints are taken in the debate, but all contributors agree that a transparent declaration of author contributions is an essential element of a published article.

The need to increase awareness of ghostwriting, and develop robust journal policies regarding the practice, is one of five proposals set out in this month's editorial (PLoS Medicine Editors e1000038). It suggests ways that might help those involved in the publication process to recognize, and avoid, the influence of biased agendas on the published scientific record. The editors also suggest that journals consider declaration of both editors' and authors' competing interests, including non-commercial interests such as political or religious views; a policy requiring the submission of original protocols for clinical trials; and publication of negative, or inconclusive, results. The editorial stresses that it is the responsibility of everyone involved in the research enterprise to ensure that the published record is an accurate and unbiased representation of the work that has been done.

Image Credit: Jacob Riis

The PLoS Medicine Debate

What Should Be Done To Tackle Ghostwriting in the Medical Literature?

Peter C Gøtzsche, Jerome P Kassirer, Karen L Woolley, Elizabeth Wager, Adam Jacobs, Art Gertel, Cindy Hamilton

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