Table of Contents: November 2007

This month's cover image, showing the treatment regimen of a patient coinfected with multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) and HIV, links to a collection of three PLoS Medicine Policy Forum articles arising from the Médecins Sans Frontières Symposium "No Time to Wait: Overcoming the Gaps in TB Drug Development." For the first time in decades there is a TB drug pipeline, but the paucity of candidates is still cause for alarm (see Casenghi et al. e293). The long duration of current TB regimens, the high prevalence of HIV co-infection, and the emergence of drug-resistant TB underscore the need for new TB drugs, say Schluger et al. (e302) in their article on building TB clinical trials capacity in high-burden countries. The expansion of MDR-TB treatment programs provides the setting in which MDR-TB trials can be implemented, say Mitnick et al. (e292).

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Sharing H5N1 Viruses to Stop a Global Influenza Pandemic

Laurie Garrett, David P Fidler

Policy Forums

Clinical Trials and Medical Care: Defining the Therapeutic Misconception

Gail E Henderson, Larry R Churchill, Arlene M Davis, Michele M Easter, Christine Grady, Steven Joffe, Nancy Kass, Nancy M. P King, Charles W Lidz, Franklin G Miller, Daniel K Nelson, Jeffrey Peppercorn, Barbra Bluestone Rothschild, Pamela Sankar, Benjamin S Wilfond, Catherine R Zimmer

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Research Articles

Controlling Endemic Cholera with Oral Vaccines

Ira M Longini Jr., Azhar Nizam, Mohammad Ali, Mohammad Yunus, Neeta Shenvi, John D Clemens

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  1. Vaccines for Cholera Control: Does Herd Immunity Play a Role?

Impact of Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapy and Insecticide-Treated Nets on Malaria Burden in Zanzibar

Achuyt Bhattarai, Abdullah S Ali, S. Patrick Kachur, Andreas Mårtensson, Ali K Abbas, Rashid Khatib, Abdul-wahiyd Al-mafazy, Mahdi Ramsan, Guida Rotllant, Jan F Gerstenmaier, Fabrizio Molteni, Salim Abdulla, Scott M Montgomery, Akira Kaneko, Anders Björkman

Long-Term Clinical Protection from Falciparum Malaria Is Strongly Associated with IgG3 Antibodies to Merozoite Surface Protein 3

Christian Roussilhon, Claude Oeuvray, Christine Müller-Graf, Adama Tall, Christophe Rogier, Jean-François Trape, Michael Theisen, Aissatou Balde, Jean-Louis Pérignon, Pierre Druilhe

Evolution of Antiretroviral Drug Costs in Brazil in the Context of Free and Universal Access to AIDS Treatment

Amy S Nunn, Elize M Fonseca, Francisco I Bastos, Sofia Gruskin, Joshua A Salomon

Cholinesterase Inhibitors in Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review of Randomised Trials

Roberto Raschetti, Emiliano Albanese, Nicola Vanacore, Marina Maggini