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October 2007

"In my hands are three ounces of rice," says Kris Litman, who took this photo (see "The average person living in chronic hunger receives only this amount of food...daily." We chose the image to highlight this month's special collection of articles exploring the link between poverty, health, and human development. Hunger is a recurring theme of the collection. A research article (Weiser et al. e260) reports an association between food insufficiency and high-risk sexual behavior in women in Botswana and Swaziland. And in this month's debate (Yamey et al. e303), in which we asked 30 people worldwide the question, '"Which single intervention would do the most to improve the health of those living on less than $1 a day?", several interviewees answered "hunger alleviation."

Image Credit: "Give us this day.." by Mr. Kris at


Slum Health: From Understanding to Action

Alon Unger, Lee W Riley

Child Rights and Child Poverty: Can the International Framework of Children's Rights Be Used to Improve Child Survival Rates?

Simon Pemberton, David Gordon, Shailen Nandy, Christina Pantazis, Peter Townsend

Squaring the Circle: AIDS, Poverty, and Human Development

Peter Piot, Robert Greener, Sarah Russell

Operationalisation of Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Graphical Approach

Fiona E Matthews, Blossom C. M Stephan, John Bond, Ian McKeith, Carol Brayne on behalf of the Medical Research Council Cognitive Function and Ageing Study

Health in Action

Integration of Information Technologies in Clinical Studies in Nicaragua

William Avilés, Oscar Ortega, Guillermina Kuan, Josefina Coloma, Eva Harris

Policy Forum

Access to Health Care in Contexts of Livelihood Insecurity: A Framework for Analysis and Action

Brigit Obrist, Nelly Iteba, Christian Lengeler, Ahmed Makemba, Christopher Mshana, Rose Nathan, Sandra Alba, Angel Dillip, Manuel W Hetzel, Iddy Mayumana, Alexander Schulze, Hassan Mshinda

Research in Translation

Research Articles

Food Insufficiency Is Associated with High-Risk Sexual Behavior among Women in Botswana and Swaziland

Sheri D Weiser, Karen Leiter, David R Bangsberg, Lisa M Butler, Fiona Percy-de Korte, Zakhe Hlanze, Nthabiseng Phaladze, Vincent Iacopino, Michele Heisler

Related Articles

Safe To Walk? Neighborhood Safety and Physical Activity Among Public Housing Residents

Gary G Bennett, Lorna H McNeill, Kathleen Y Wolin, Dustin T Duncan, Elaine Puleo, Karen M Emmons