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June 2007

This 1941 image of factory workers assembling storage batteries takes its theme from this month's editorial, "The Changing Face of Occupational Medicine." The editorial topic was suggested by the Policy Forum by Corita Grudzen and Peter Kerndt (Grudzen CR, Kerndt PR [2007] The adult film industry: Time to regulate? PLoS Med 4: e126 doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0040126) on the need for the adult film industry to self-regulate to protect workers' rights and for occupational medicine to adapt to the requirements of workers today.

Image Credit: Image provided by the US Centers for Disease Control, from the Public Health Bulletin No. 262, 1941

Health in Action

HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment in Two Prisons in Thailand

David Wilson, Nathan Ford, Verapun Ngammee, Arlene Chua, Moe Kyaw Kyaw

Policy Forums

The Adult Film Industry: Time to Regulate?

Corita R Grudzen, Peter R Kerndt

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Student Forum

Teaching Global Health at the Frontlines

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Research Articles

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Longitudinal Assessment of an ELISPOT Test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection

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Biomedical Journals and Global Poverty: Is HINARI a Step Backwards?

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