Table of Contents: July 2005

I am extremely concerned that the information we receive through most sources of media, whether it be health issues or otherwise, is compromised by outside interests. A good example is the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, which, in my opinion, has become dysfunctional to the point of being dangerous.

This illustration was influenced by the statement "journalists become unwitting mouthpieces for incomplete, biased, and imbalanced news and information" (see Schwitzer commentary in this issue's PLoS Medicine Debate). What immediately came to mind was the image of a mechanical-looking journalist with an open door to his head, easily accessed by an escalator. I rendered this with graphite on paper, scanned it, and then began to flesh out and color the concept in Photoshop. I used jumbled scraps of medical information to create additional texture and add another layer of storytelling.

Before returning to school to get my B.F.A. with a major in Illustration, I was a songwriter, recording artist, and record producer. It was a natural transition to the visual arts, and my Fine Art painting is still connected to my music in tone and character. There is a darker nature in both, which also comes through nicely when developing editorial illustrations.

Image Credit: Scott Mickelson (


Global Health Challenges: The Need for an Expanded Discourse on Bioethics

Solomon R Benatar, Abdallah S Daar, Peter A Singer

Neglected Diseases

Visceral Leishmaniasis: New Health Tools Are Needed

Asrat Hailu, Ahmed Mudawi Musa, Catherine Royce, Monique Wasunna

Health in Action

The Global Fight against the Stigma of Schizophrenia

Nadia Kadri, Norman Sartorius

Policy Forums

Five Futures for Academic Medicine

Shally Awasthi, Jil Beardmore, Jocalyn Clark, Philip Hadridge, Hardi Madani, Ana Marusic, Gretchen Purcell, Margaret Rhoads, Karen Sliwa-Hähnle, Richard Smith, Tessa Tan-Torres Edejer, Peter Tugwell, Tim Underwood, Robyn Ward on behalf of the International Campaign to Revitalise Academic Medicine

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Research in Translation

Case Report

Pulmonary Embolism in a Woman Taking Oral Contraceptives and Valdecoxib

Elizabeth J Westgate, Garret A FitzGerald

Research Articles

Analgesic Therapy in Postherpetic Neuralgia: A Quantitative Systematic Review

Kathleen Hempenstall, Turo J Nurmikko, Robert W Johnson, Roger P A'Hern, Andrew S.C Rice

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Artemisinin versus Nonartemisinin Combination Therapy for Uncomplicated Malaria: Randomized Clinical Trials from Four Sites in Uganda

Adoke Yeka, Kristin Banek, Nathan Bakyaita, Sarah G Staedke, Moses R Kamya, Ambrose Talisuna, Fred Kironde, Samuel L Nsobya, Albert Kilian, Madeline Slater, Arthur Reingold, Philip J Rosenthal, Fred Wabwire-Mangen, Grant Dorsey

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A Microchip CD4 Counting Method for HIV Monitoring in Resource-Poor Settings

William R Rodriguez, Nicolaos Christodoulides, Pierre N Floriano, Susan Graham, Sanghamitra Mohanty, Meredith Dixon, Mina Hsiang, Trevor Peter, Shabnam Zavahir, Ibou Thior, Dwight Romanovicz, Bruce Bernard, Adrian P Goodey, Bruce D Walker, John T McDevitt

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Host Heterogeneous Ribonucleoprotein K (hnRNP K) as a Potential Target to Suppress Hepatitis B Virus Replication

Lisa F. P Ng, Marieta Chan, Soh-Ha Chan, Paul Chung-Pui Cheng, Eastwood Hon-Chiu Leung, Wei-Ning Chen, Ee-Chee Ren

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