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Correction: A World Malaria Map: Plasmodium falciparum Endemicity in 2007

  • Simon I Hay,
  • Carlos A Guerra,
  • Peter W Gething,
  • Anand P Patil,
  • Andrew J Tatem,
  • Abdisalan M Noor,
  • Caroline W Kabaria,
  • Bui H Manh,
  • Iqbal R. F Elyazar,
  • Simon Brooker,
  • David L Smith,
  • Rana A Moyeed,
  • Robert W Snow
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Reference 56 [Hay SI, Sinka ME, Tatem AJ, Patil AP, Guerra CA, et al. (2009) Developing global maps of the dominant Anopheles vectors of human malaria. PLoS Med. In press.] was erroneously listed as "In press." It was in preparation at the time but was not published.