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Figure 1.

Home page of the BCG World Atlas ( and example of BCG policies and practices in Japan.

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Figure 2.

Map displaying BCG vaccination policy by country.

A: The country currently has universal BCG vaccination program. B: The country used to recommend BCG vaccination for everyone, but currently does not. C: The country never had universal BCG vaccination programs.

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Table 1.

Countries that have ceased booster BCG vaccinations (n = 33).

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Table 2.

Countries that currently recommend multiple BCG vaccinations (n = 16).

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Figure 3.

Countries most likely to benefit from highly specific IGRAs for the diagnosis of LTBI.

One of the applications of this database is its ability to identify populations where repeated BCG immunizations were administered or where BCG was administered after infancy, as these populations are most likely to benefit from the use of highly specific IGRAs for the diagnosis of LTBI.

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Table 3.

22 High TB burden countries and their respective BCG policies and practices (in order of highest to lowest).

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