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Assessing trends in the content of maternal and child care following a health system strengthening initiative in rural Madagascar: A longitudinal cohort study

Fig 3

Changes in maternal and newborn care seeking behavior and care content over the first two years of PIVOT-MoH’s HSS intervention.

Trends were calculated for (a) antenatal care and (b) perinatal care among women (15–49 years old) who had a delivery within two years of the 2014 and 2016 IHOPE surveys. For all outcome indicators, trends over the study period are assessed by tracing from the 2014 percentage value (black dot) to the 2016 percentage value (red dot). Recommendations for care are based on WHO guidelines (S1 Appendix) [46,47]. HSS, health system strengthening; IG, intervention group; IHOPE, The Ifanadiana Health Outcomes and Prosperity longitudinal Evaluation; MoH, Ministry of Health; NG, non-intervention group; PHF, public health facility; WHO, World Health Organization.

Fig 3