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The San Diego 2007 wildfires and Medi-Cal emergency department presentations, inpatient hospitalizations, and outpatient visits: An observational study of smoke exposure periods and a bidirectional case-crossover analysis

Fig 1

Wildfire PM2.5 by day in San Diego County zip codes during 2007 wildfires.

Daily average wildfire PM2.5 for each of 101 zip codes in San Diego County for a period just prior to the 2007 Firestorm and for the 5-day windows of time following the start of the fires on October 22. The average for all zip codes is shown in blue, and the US EPA 24-hour PM2.5 standard is in red. PM, particulate matter; PM2.5, fine inhalable particles that are 2.5 micrometers and smaller; US EPA, Environmental Protection Agency.

Fig 1