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Changes in prices, sales, consumer spending, and beverage consumption one year after a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in Berkeley, California, US: A before-and-after study

Fig 3

Point-of-sale model adjusted beverage prices (cents per ounce) in Berkeley versus non-Berkeley stores (sales unweighted).

Fixed effects models account for the month-year (indicator variables), store located or not located in Berkeley, interaction of Berkeley store and month-year, and an indicator variable of underreported sales data from each store in particular month. Prices account for inflation. Vertical lines demarcate the pre-tax period (January 2013–December 2014), the ambiguous period (January–February 2015), and the post-tax period (March 2015–February 2016). Full sales-unweighted results can be found in S8 Table. Full sales-weighted results can be found in S9 Table. **Statistically significant difference between the Berkeley and non-Berkeley prices for March–December 2015 at p < 0.01. Source: point-of-sale data from two chains of large supermarkets in the Bay Area obtained by the Public Health Institute.

Fig 3