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Mortality in Iraq Associated with the 2003–2011 War and Occupation: Findings from a National Cluster Sample Survey by the University Collaborative Iraq Mortality Study

Figure 6

Estimates of the probability of dying between age 15 and age 60-y intervals, 2001–2011, from sibling histories as reported in the University Collaborative Iraq Mortality Study, with plotted estimates from other studies.

Estimates of adult mortality risk (45q15, the risk of dying between the ages of 15 and 59 y), over the period 2001–2011, based on the sibling history survey. The first two time intervals are not strictly 2 y long, in order to align the first interval dividing point with the start of the war in March 2003; the survey concluded July 2, 2011, so the final bar reflects only half of the year. The estimates use the ICSS method to correct for survival bias [33]. Mortality estimates from other studies are plotted as point estimates: IMIRA (part of the Iraq Living Conditions Survey) [28], the IFHS household survey (IFHS-HH), and the IFHS sibling survey (IFHS-SIB) [32].

Figure 6