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Energy Density, Portion Size, and Eating Occasions: Contributions to Increased Energy Intake in the United States, 1977–2006

Figure 2

Annualized contribution of portion size, energy density, and eating occasions to total energy intake changes.

Values represent the annualized energy contribution (kcal) of changes in the number of EOs, PS, or ED of each EO to changes in total daily energy intake (kcal). Data are from cross-sectional nationally representative samples of adults (≥19 y) taken from NFCS 1977–78 (n = 17,464), CSFII 1989–91 (n = 8,340) and 1994–98 (n = 9,460), and NHANES 2003–06 (n = 9,490), standardized to the age, gender, and race/ethnic distribution of the sample in 1977–78.

Figure 2