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The Reversal of Fortunes: Trends in County Mortality and Cross-County Mortality Disparities in the United States

Figure 2

Annual Absolute Life Expectancy Disparity between the Counties with the Highest and Lowest Life Expectancies

(A) Life expectancy for counties that make up the 2.5% of the US population with the highest and lowest county life expectancies in each year.

(B) Difference between highest and lowest life expectancies in (A). Data for each year show the combined life expectancy for counties that make up 2.5% of the US population and have the highest/lowest life expectancy for that year. The mean number of years that each county was in the highest/lowest life expectancy group was 7.9/10.5 y for men and 8.6/8.6 y for women.

The vertical lines show the 90% confidence interval (CI) for the estimated life expectancy or life expectancy difference. In each year, the 5% and 95% confidence limits correspond to the 5th and 95th percentiles of the distribution of life tables, calculated using the population-weighted average of death rates of constituent counties in 100 independent draws (see Methods).

Figure 2