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Vaccinating to Protect a Vulnerable Subpopulation

Figure 3

Parameter Regions with Different Qualitative Responses to Changes in Vaccine Allocation

Insets show vaccine allocation tradeoffs at different points in parameter space, in the style of Figures 1 and 2. Contour lines (solid) separate regions in which the strategy that vaccinates only vulnerable individuals (v) or the one that vaccinates only core individuals (c) is or is not the best (b) or worst (w) on the curve describing changes in incidence in the vulnerable population. Two strategies on a given curve are deemed equivalent if they differ by less than 0.1% of the curve's maximum value. The large region in the middle right shows the case in which neither extreme strategy is best or worst; the extreme properties of any other region are described by the names of the line or lines separating the region from the middle right region. Asterisks correspond to the parameters shown in Figure 1. The dotted line shows values for which R is the same for both groups: our assumption that the core group transmits the disease more effectively than the vulnerable group does not hold in the region above this line.

Figure 3