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Unaccounted for.

Posted by mk876 on 20 Jan 2020 at 14:49 GMT

Did the study account for people who currently don't pursue health care at all due to the increased costs? As soon as health care becomes single payer, everyone who has been putting off any illness or ailment, will be pursuing care. This will cause years and years of waiting lists for anyone who doesn't get in soon enough.

The much better proposition that no one discusses is transparent pricing to cause competition in the field. Surgery and medical treatment was much more affordable before insurance, as was college education. Once there becomes a separation of the individual and the cost and a middle man is introduced, there becomes a hyper inflation of the cost of that service.

The logical process would be to require doctors and hospitals to publicly list pricing for all of their services and eliminate insurance completely. This would make it so that hospitals and doctors office would have to compete for your services.

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