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We can avert the brunt of the storm, if we hurry

Posted by KDCoburn on 25 Aug 2012 at 13:15 GMT

I agree whole-heartedly with the author's thoughtful suggestions for creating the conditions needed to develop better models of care for this vulnerable and rapidly growing population. Broader, more intense and diverse research efforts and learning networks to discover "what works" are critical. There are no easy short-cuts. Though the investment in this research will need to be substantial, the return in long-term cost control and reduced human suffering will progressively grow in parallel with our understanding of effective system redesign. Rigorous design, implementation, testing, and a constancy to purpose by creative, collaborative, and open minds will be required to maximize the yield of this research. In other words, we will have to really learn something new - on a large systems level. What other alternative is there?

Competing interests declared: I am the lead author of the paper highlighted in this perspective and the CEO and Medical Director of Health Quality Partners (HQP).