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Find truth and make it true

Posted by ZhenglunPan on 29 Oct 2014 at 02:17 GMT

With a long history and currently,scientific workforce had been working for science.

A limited number of them indulged in the working process while huge number of them want positive results.From west to east,from north to south,the essential of work force is the same as Maslow's hierarchy of needs putted:
1. physical: food, sleep, sex, water;2. safty & security: stability, order, predictability, freedom from fear, harm, injury, and chaos;3. social acceptance: needs to belong, feel a part of social groups, feel acceptance, approval, and affection;
4. esteem: based on our need to feel competent and confident, and to receive the recognition others can give us;
5. self-actualization: our desires to live up to our unique potentialities and our needs for self-fufillment.

All scientist are facing the conflicts of the need from the inside and the real world. Although Living in the developing world or the developed world influenced scientist in different way, for science in earth village today is somehow a relatively luxury job. Article retraction due to fraud was never stopped from developed world.

Regulations in scientific world will hold the task as detailed crime rules.However, we do not think detailed rules will eliminated crime.The evaluation system and rewards system serve as great part in science world.

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