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Why Did the FDA Approve These Advertisements?

Posted by plosmedicine on 30 Mar 2009 at 23:48 GMT

Author: David Oaks
Position: Director
Institution: MindFreedom International
Submitted Date: November 08, 2005
Published Date: November 11, 2005
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Thank you for publishing this important and methodical essay that debunks the "chemical imbalance" advertisements for psychiatric drugs. Why would the US Food and Drug Administration approve such ads? Our human rights group MindFreedom International has been asking that question for a long time. On behalf of MindFreedom, US Senator Ron Wyden contacted the FDA for an explanation about why they approve such advertising. In their response -- which took over one year to receive-- the FDA could cite no scientific literature or studies. It turns out there's a good reason the FDA can't find any scientific evidence for the claims of a "chemical imbalance" in these ads: the scientific evidence in support of the serotonin hypothesis is very weak.

Readers who would like more information about the psychiatric industry's advertising suggesting a "chemical imbalance" in depression may be interested in the following: (1) MindFreedom's debate with Pfizer, Inc., manufacturer of Zoloft, at http://www.mindfreedom.or... (2) A historic debate with the American Psychiatric Association resulting from MindFreedom's 2003 hunger strike, at http://www.mindfreedom.or... (Researcher Jonathan Leo was on the MindFreedom International Scientific Panel for the hunger strike).


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