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A Woman & Child Dirty War Index measures indiscriminate effects of perpetrators' weapons in Iraq

Posted by MHicks on 14 Apr 2011 at 15:58 GMT

A Woman and Child “Dirty War Index” (DWI) measuring the proportion of women and children among Iraqi civilian victims identified as men, women, or children was used to indicate relatively indiscriminate effects of perpetrators' weapons during 2003-2008 of the Iraq war . DWI findings suggested that the most indiscriminate effects on women and children were from unidentified perpetrators who targeted civilians using mortar fire (DWI = 79) and nonsuicide vehicle bombs (DWI = 54) and from Coalition air attacks (DWI = 69). Coalition forces had higher Woman and Child DWIs than Anti-Coalition forces, with no evidence of decrease over 2003–2008, for all weapons combined and for small arms gunfire, specifically.

The full paper is published by PLoS Medicine at:

Hicks MH, Dardagan H, Guerrero Serdán G, Bagnall PM, Sloboda JA, Spagat M. (2011) Violent deaths of Iraqi civilians, 2003-2008: analysis by perpetrator, weapon, time, and location. PLoS Medicine 8(2): e1000415. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000415.

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