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Apparent statistical contradiction in your findings

Posted by plosmedicine on 30 Mar 2009 at 23:57 GMT

Author: Denny Packard
Position: Assistant Prof. of English
Institution: U. of Delaware & Univ. of Paris 6
Submitted Date: July 11, 2006
Published Date: July 19, 2006
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The biggest reservation I have about your paper (and similar research) is the fact that the industrialized nation with the highest rate of HIV infection is ALSO the same country with the highest rate of male circumcision, namely the United States of America.

Does this not contradict your findings that male circumcision can reduce HIV infection? In the U.S. it would appear that circumcision has just the OPPOSITE effect if, in fact, there is a genuine link between circumcision and HIV infection. (Most European countries where male circumcision is very rare also have much lower rates of HIV infection than in the U.S.)


Denny Packard

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