About the Authors

Ray Moynihan


Affiliation Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice, Bond University, Robina, Queensland, Australia

David Henry

Affiliations University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Karel G. M. Moons

Affiliation Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, University Medical Centre Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Competing Interests

We have read the journal's policy and have the following conflicts: all co-authors organised a special session on overdiagnosis at the 2013 Cochrane Colloquium. RM and DH are members of the scientific committee planning the Preventing Overdiagnosis conferences.

Author Contributions

Wrote the first draft of the manuscript: RM. Contributed to the writing of the manuscript: RM DH KM. ICMJE criteria for authorship read and met: RM DH KM. Agree with manuscript results and conclusions: RM DH KM.