About the Authors

Javier Ariza
Mile Bosilkovski
Antonio Cascio
Juan D Colmenero
Michael J Corbel
Matthew E Falagas
Ziad A Memish
Mohammad Reza Hasanjani Roushan
Ethan Rubinstein
Nikolaos V Sipsas
Javier Solera
Edward J Young
Georgios Pappas

To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: gpele@otenet.gr

Competing Interests

ER has received research grants from Daiichi, Bayer, and Theravance and has served as a consultant to Pfizer, Theravance, Bayer, Wyeth, Rosetta, and BiondVax. The other authors have declared that they have no competing interests.

Author Contributions

GP prepared the consequent drafts that were circulated among all other authors for evaluation of intellectual content and revised according to individual suggestions. All authors have seen and approved the final version.