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October 2014

In this issue of PLOS Genetics, DiTommaso et al. describe the phenotype of mice carrying inactivating mutations in Keratin 76 (Krt76), highlighting the gene as indispensable for skin barrier function and cutaneous wound healing. They also describe a role for KRT76 in maintaining the function of intercellular tight junctions, where it is required for normal CLAUDIN1 localisation. This work supports an emerging body of evidence which challenges the classical view of the keratins as simple structural proteins. Image: Claudin 1 (green), Ecadherin (red) and keratin 14 (blue) in the tail skin of a mouse. See DiTommaso et al.

Image Credit: Tia DiTommaso


Keeping mtDNA in Shape between Generations

James B. Stewart, Nils-Göran Larsson

Research Articles

Foxf Genes Integrate Tbx5 and Hedgehog Pathways in the Second Heart Field for Cardiac Septation

Andrew D. Hoffmann, Xinan Holly Yang, Ozanna Burnicka-Turek, Joshua D. Bosman, Xiaomeng Ren, Jeffrey D. Steimle, Steven A. Vokes, Andrew P. McMahon, Vladimir V. Kalinichenko, Ivan P. Moskowitz

Related Articles

Evidence of a Bacterial Receptor for Lysozyme: Binding of Lysozyme to the Anti-σ Factor RsiV Controls Activation of the ECF σ Factor σV

Jessica L. Hastie, Kyle B. Williams, Carolina Sepúlveda, Jon C. Houtman, Katrina T. Forest, Craig D. Ellermeier

Payoffs, Not Tradeoffs, in the Adaptation of a Virus to Ostensibly Conflicting Selective Pressures

Lindsey W. McGee, Erick W. Aitchison, S. Brian Caudle, Anneliese J. Morrison, Lianqing Zheng, Wei Yang, Darin R. Rokyta

Analysis of Candida albicans Mutants Defective in the Cdk8 Module of Mediator Reveal Links between Metabolism and Biofilm Formation

Allia K. Lindsay, Diana K. Morales, Zhongle Liu, Nora Grahl, Anda Zhang, Sven D. Willger, Lawrence C. Myers, Deborah A. Hogan

Beclin 1 Is Required for Neuron Viability and Regulates Endosome Pathways via the UVRAG-VPS34 Complex

Nicole C. McKnight, Yun Zhong, Mitchell S. Wold, Shiaoching Gong, Greg R. Phillips, Zhixun Dou, Yanxiang Zhao, Nathaniel Heintz, Wei-Xing Zong, Zhenyu Yue

An ARHGEF10 Deletion Is Highly Associated with a Juvenile-Onset Inherited Polyneuropathy in Leonberger and Saint Bernard Dogs

Kari J. Ekenstedt, Doreen Becker, Katie M. Minor, G. Diane Shelton, Edward E. Patterson, Tim Bley, Anna Oevermann, Thomas Bilzer, Tosso Leeb, Cord Drögemüller, James R. Mickelson

Mechanism of Suppression of Chromosomal Instability by DNA Polymerase POLQ

Matthew J. Yousefzadeh, David W. Wyatt, Kei-ichi Takata, Yunxiang Mu, Sean C. Hensley, Junya Tomida, Göran O. Bylund, Sylvie Doublié, Erik Johansson, Dale A. Ramsden, Kevin M. McBride, Richard D. Wood

Disruption of SUMO-Specific Protease 2 Induces Mitochondria Mediated Neurodegeneration

Jiang Fu, H.-M. Ivy Yu, Shang-Yi Chiu, Anthony J. Mirando, Eri O. Maruyama, Jr-Gang Cheng, Wei Hsu

Genome-Wide Discovery of Drug-Dependent Human Liver Regulatory Elements

Robin P. Smith, Walter L. Eckalbar, Kari M. Morrissey, Marcelo R. Luizon, Thomas J. Hoffmann, Xuefeng Sun, Stacy L. Jones, Shelley Force Aldred, Anuradha Ramamoorthy, Zeruesenay Desta, Yunlong Liu, Todd C. Skaar, Nathan D. Trinklein, Kathleen M. Giacomini, Nadav Ahituv

The Vesicle Protein SAM-4 Regulates the Processivity of Synaptic Vesicle Transport

Qun Zheng, Shikha Ahlawat, Anneliese Schaefer, Tim Mahoney, Sandhya P. Koushika, Michael L. Nonet

H2B Mono-ubiquitylation Facilitates Fork Stalling and Recovery during Replication Stress by Coordinating Rad53 Activation and Chromatin Assembly

Chia-Yeh Lin, Meng-Ying Wu, Sophie Gay, Lisette Marjavaara, Mong Sing Lai, Wei-Chun Hsiao, Shih-Hsun Hung, Hsin-Yi Tseng, Duncan Edward Wright, Chen-Yi Wang, Guoo-Shyng W. Hsu, Didier Devys, Andrei Chabes, Cheng-Fu Kao

Developmentally-Regulated Excision of the SPβ Prophage Reconstitutes a Gene Required for Spore Envelope Maturation in Bacillus subtilis

Kimihiro Abe, Yuta Kawano, Keito Iwamoto, Kenji Arai, Yuki Maruyama, Patrick Eichenberger, Tsutomu Sato

Genome-Wide Mapping of Yeast RNA Polymerase II Termination

Paul Schaughency, Jonathan Merran, Jeffry L. Corden

The Specification and Global Reprogramming of Histone Epigenetic Marks during Gamete Formation and Early Embryo Development in C. elegans

Mark Samson, Margaret M. Jow, Catherine C. L. Wong, Colin Fitzpatrick, Aaron Aslanian, Israel Saucedo, Rodrigo Estrada, Takashi Ito, Sung-kyu Robin Park, John R. Yates III, Diana S. Chu

Targeted Exon Capture and Sequencing in Sporadic Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Julien Couthouis, Alya R. Raphael, Roxana Daneshjou, Aaron D. Gitler

Fast Evolution from Precast Bricks: Genomics of Young Freshwater Populations of Threespine Stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus

Nadezhda V. Terekhanova, Maria D. Logacheva, Aleksey A. Penin, Tatiana V. Neretina, Anna E. Barmintseva, Georgii A. Bazykin, Alexey S. Kondrashov, Nikolai S. Mugue

Ethylene-Induced Inhibition of Root Growth Requires Abscisic Acid Function in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Seedlings

Biao Ma, Cui-Cui Yin, Si-Jie He, Xiang Lu, Wan-Ke Zhang, Tie-Gang Lu, Shou-Yi Chen, Jin-Song Zhang

The Formation of Endoderm-Derived Taste Sensory Organs Requires a Pax9-Dependent Expansion of Embryonic Taste Bud Progenitor Cells

Ralf Kist, Michelle Watson, Moira Crosier, Max Robinson, Jennifer Fuchs, Julia Reichelt, Heiko Peters

Sensors at Centrosomes Reveal Determinants of Local Separase Activity

Fikret Gurkan Agircan, Elmar Schiebel

Dominant Sequences of Human Major Histocompatibility Complex Conserved Extended Haplotypes from HLA-DQA2 to DAXX

Charles E. Larsen, Dennis R. Alford, Michael R. Trautwein, Yanoh K. Jalloh, Jennifer L. Tarnacki, Sushruta K. Kunnenkeri, Dolores A. Fici, Edmond J. Yunis, Zuheir L. Awdeh, Chester A. Alper

Role of STN1 and DNA Polymerase α in Telomere Stability and Genome-Wide Replication in Arabidopsis

Elisa Derboven, Heinz Ekker, Branislav Kusenda, Petra Bulankova, Karel Riha

Cell-Autonomous Progeroid Changes in Conditional Mouse Models for Repair Endonuclease XPG Deficiency

Sander Barnhoorn, Lieneke M. Uittenboogaard, Dick Jaarsma, Wilbert P. Vermeij, Maria Tresini, Michael Weymaere, Hervé Menoni, Renata M. C. Brandt, Monique C. de Waard, Sander M. Botter, Altaf H. Sarker, Nicolaas G. J. Jaspers, Gijsbertus T. J. van der Horst, Priscilla K. Cooper, Jan H. J. Hoeijmakers, Ingrid van der Pluijm

An Integrated Cell Purification and Genomics Strategy Reveals Multiple Regulators of Pancreas Development

Cecil M. Benitez, Kun Qu, Takuya Sugiyama, Philip T. Pauerstein, Yinghua Liu, Jennifer Tsai, Xueying Gu, Amar Ghodasara, H. Efsun Arda, Jiajing Zhang, Joseph D. Dekker, Haley O. Tucker, Howard Y. Chang, Seung K. Kim

KDM5 Interacts with Foxo to Modulate Cellular Levels of Oxidative Stress

Xingyin Liu, Christina Greer, Julie Secombe

Caudal Regulates the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Pair-Rule Waves in Tribolium

Ezzat El-Sherif, Xin Zhu, Jinping Fu, Susan J. Brown

At Short Telomeres Tel1 Directs Early Replication and Phosphorylates Rif1

Akila Sridhar, Sylwia Kedziora, Anne D. Donaldson

daf-31 Encodes the Catalytic Subunit of N Alpha-Acetyltransferase that Regulates Caenorhabditis elegans Development, Metabolism and Adult Lifespan

Di Chen, Jiuli Zhang, Justin Minnerly, Tiffany Kaul, Donald L. Riddle, Kailiang Jia

BMP-FGF Signaling Axis Mediates Wnt-Induced Epidermal Stratification in Developing Mammalian Skin

Xiao-Jing Zhu, YuDong Liu, Zhong-Min Dai, Xiaoyun Zhang, XueQin Yang, Yan Li, Mengsheng Qiu, Jiang Fu, Wei Hsu, YiPing Chen, Zunyi Zhang

Salt-Induced Stabilization of EIN3/EIL1 Confers Salinity Tolerance by Deterring ROS Accumulation in Arabidopsis

Jinying Peng, Zhonghai Li, Xing Wen, Wenyang Li, Hui Shi, Longshu Yang, Huaiqiu Zhu, Hongwei Guo

The Chromosomal Association of the Smc5/6 Complex Depends on Cohesion and Predicts the Level of Sister Chromatid Entanglement

Kristian Jeppsson, Kristian K. Carlborg, Ryuichiro Nakato, Davide G. Berta, Ingrid Lilienthal, Takaharu Kanno, Arne Lindqvist, Maartje C. Brink, Nico P. Dantuma, Yuki Katou, Katsuhiko Shirahige, Camilla Sjögren

Hsp40s Specify Functions of Hsp104 and Hsp90 Protein Chaperone Machines

Michael Reidy, Ruchika Sharma, Shankar Shastry, Brittany-Lee Roberts, Ivan Albino-Flores, Sue Wickner, Daniel C. Masison

Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia and Infertility in Mice Deficient for miR-34b/c and miR-449 Loci

Stefano Comazzetto, Monica Di Giacomo, Kasper Dindler Rasmussen, Christian Much, Chiara Azzi, Emerald Perlas, Marcos Morgan, Dónal O'Carroll

Functional Interaction between Ribosomal Protein L6 and RbgA during Ribosome Assembly

Megha Gulati, Nikhil Jain, Joseph H. Davis, James R. Williamson, Robert A. Britton

Coexistence and Within-Host Evolution of Diversified Lineages of Hypermutable Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Long-term Cystic Fibrosis Infections

Sofía Feliziani, Rasmus L. Marvig, Adela M. Luján, Alejandro J. Moyano, Julio A. Di Rienzo, Helle Krogh Johansen, Søren Molin, Andrea M. Smania

A Mouse Model Uncovers LKB1 as an UVB-Induced DNA Damage Sensor Mediating CDKN1A (p21WAF1/CIP1) Degradation

Rosaura Esteve-Puig, Rosa Gil, Elena González-Sánchez, Joan Josep Bech-Serra, Judit Grueso, Javier Hernández-Losa, Teresa Moliné, Francesc Canals, Berta Ferrer, Javier Cortés, Boris Bastian, Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Juan Martín-Caballero, Juana Maria Flores, Ana Vivancos, Vicenç García-Patos, Juan Ángel Recio

Signature Gene Expression Reveals Novel Clues to the Molecular Mechanisms of Dimorphic Transition in Penicillium marneffei

Ence Yang, Wang-Ngai Chow, Gang Wang, Patrick C. Y. Woo, Susanna K. P. Lau, Kwok-Yung Yuen, Xiaorong Lin, James J. Cai

White Cells Facilitate Opposite- and Same-Sex Mating of Opaque Cells in Candida albicans

Li Tao, Chengjun Cao, Weihong Liang, Guobo Guan, Qiuyu Zhang, Clarissa J. Nobile, Guanghua Huang

The Kinesin AtPSS1 Promotes Synapsis and is Required for Proper Crossover Distribution in Meiosis

Yann Duroc, Afef Lemhemdi, Cécile Larchevêque, Aurélie Hurel, Maria Cuacos, Laurence Cromer, Christine Horlow, Susan J. Armstrong, Liudmila Chelysheva, Raphael Mercier

POT1a and Components of CST Engage Telomerase and Regulate Its Activity in Arabidopsis

Kyle B. Renfrew, Xiangyu Song, Jung Ro Lee, Amit Arora, Dorothy E. Shippen

Genetic Modifiers of Neurofibromatosis Type 1-Associated Café-au-Lait Macule Count Identified Using Multi-platform Analysis

Alexander Pemov, Heejong Sung, Paula L. Hyland, Jennifer L. Sloan, Sarah L. Ruppert, Andrea M. Baldwin, Joseph F. Boland, Sara E. Bass, Hyo Jung Lee, Kristine M. Jones, Xijun Zhang, NISC Comparative Sequencing Program, James C. Mullikin, Brigitte C. Widemann, Alexander F. Wilson, Douglas R. Stewart

The Proteomic Landscape of the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Clock Reveals Large-Scale Coordination of Key Biological Processes

Cheng-Kang Chiang, Neel Mehta, Abhilasha Patel, Peng Zhang, Zhibin Ning, Janice Mayne, Warren Y. L. Sun, Hai-Ying M. Cheng, Daniel Figeys

ssb Gene Duplication Restores the Viability of ΔholC and ΔholD Escherichia coli Mutants

Stéphane Duigou, Maud Silvain, Enrique Viguera, Bénédicte Michel

The DAF-16 FOXO Transcription Factor Regulates natc-1 to Modulate Stress Resistance in Caenorhabditis elegans, Linking Insulin/IGF-1 Signaling to Protein N-Terminal Acetylation

Kurt Warnhoff, John T. Murphy, Sandeep Kumar, Daniel L. Schneider, Michelle Peterson, Simon Hsu, James Guthrie, J. David Robertson, Kerry Kornfeld

Systematic Dissection of Coding Exons at Single Nucleotide Resolution Supports an Additional Role in Cell-Specific Transcriptional Regulation

Ramon Y. Birnbaum, Rupali P. Patwardhan, Mee J. Kim, Gregory M. Findlay, Beth Martin, Jingjing Zhao, Robert J. A. Bell, Robin P. Smith, Angel A. Ku, Jay Shendure, Nadav Ahituv

Nephronophthisis-Associated CEP164 Regulates Cell Cycle Progression, Apoptosis and Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition

Gisela G. Slaats, Amiya K. Ghosh, Lucas L. Falke, Stéphanie Le Corre, Indra A. Shaltiel, Glenn van de Hoek, Timothy D. Klasson, Marijn F. Stokman, Ive Logister, Marianne C. Verhaar, Roel Goldschmeding, Tri Q. Nguyen, Iain A. Drummond, Friedhelm Hildebrandt, Rachel H. Giles

Licensing of Yeast Centrosome Duplication Requires Phosphoregulation of Sfi1

Jennifer S. Avena, Shannon Burns, Zulin Yu, Christopher C. Ebmeier, William M. Old, Sue L. Jaspersen, Mark Winey

Juvenile Hormone-Receptor Complex Acts on Mcm4 and Mcm7 to Promote Polyploidy and Vitellogenesis in the Migratory Locust

Wei Guo, Zhongxia Wu, Jiasheng Song, Feng Jiang, Zhiming Wang, Shun Deng, Virginia K. Walker, Shutang Zhou

A Complex Genetic Switch Involving Overlapping Divergent Promoters and DNA Looping Regulates Expression of Conjugation Genes of a Gram-positive Plasmid

Gayetri Ramachandran, Praveen K. Singh, Juan Roman Luque-Ortega, Luis Yuste, Carlos Alfonso, Fernando Rojo, Ling J. Wu, Wilfried J. J. Meijer

A Mutation in the Mouse Ttc26 Gene Leads to Impaired Hedgehog Signaling

Ruth E. Swiderski, Yoko Nakano, Robert F. Mullins, Seongjin Seo, Botond Bánfi

Germline Mutations in MAP3K6 Are Associated with Familial Gastric Cancer

Daniel Gaston, Samantha Hansford, Carla Oliveira, Mathew Nightingale, Hugo Pinheiro, Christine Macgillivray, Pardeep Kaurah, Andrea L. Rideout, Patricia Steele, Gabriela Soares, Weei-Yuarn Huang, Scott Whitehouse, Sarah Blowers, Marissa A. LeBlanc, Haiyan Jiang, Wenda Greer, Mark E. Samuels, Andrew Orr, Conrad V. Fernandez, Jacek Majewski, Mark Ludman, Sarah Dyack, Lynette S. Penney, Christopher R. McMaster, David Huntsman, Karen Bedard

Copy Number Variation in the Horse Genome

Sharmila Ghosh, Zhipeng Qu, Pranab J. Das, Erica Fang, Rytis Juras, E. Gus Cothran, Sue McDonell, Daniel G. Kenney, Teri L. Lear, David L. Adelson, Bhanu P. Chowdhary, Terje Raudsepp

The Not5 Subunit of the Ccr4-Not Complex Connects Transcription and Translation

Zoltan Villanyi, Virginie Ribaud, Sari Kassem, Olesya O. Panasenko, Zoltan Pahi, Ishaan Gupta, Lars Steinmetz, Imre Boros, Martine A. Collart

Abnormal Dosage of Ultraconserved Elements Is Highly Disfavored in Healthy Cells but Not Cancer Cells

Ruth B. McCole, Chamith Y. Fonseka, Amnon Koren, C.-ting Wu

FHIT Suppresses Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) and Metastasis in Lung Cancer through Modulation of MicroRNAs

Sung-Suk Suh, Ji Young Yoo, Ri Cui, Balveen Kaur, Kay Huebner, Taek-Kyun Lee, Rami I. Aqeilan, Carlo M. Croce

HIPPO Pathway Members Restrict SOX2 to the Inner Cell Mass Where It Promotes ICM Fates in the Mouse Blastocyst

Eryn Wicklow, Stephanie Blij, Tristan Frum, Yoshikazu Hirate, Richard A. Lang, Hiroshi Sasaki, Amy Ralston

Protein Phosphatase 4 Promotes Chromosome Pairing and Synapsis, and Contributes to Maintaining Crossover Competence with Increasing Age

Aya Sato-Carlton, Xuan Li, Oliver Crawley, Sarah Testori, Enrique Martinez-Perez, Asako Sugimoto, Peter M. Carlton

A Splice Mutation in the PHKG1 Gene Causes High Glycogen Content and Low Meat Quality in Pig Skeletal Muscle

Junwu Ma, Jie Yang, Lisheng Zhou, Jun Ren, Xianxian Liu, Hui Zhang, Bin Yang, Zhiyan Zhang, Huanban Ma, Xianhua Xie, Yuyun Xing, Yuanmei Guo, Lusheng Huang

The Nuclear Immune Receptor RPS4 Is Required for RRS1SLH1-Dependent Constitutive Defense Activation in Arabidopsis thaliana

Kee Hoon Sohn, Cécile Segonzac, Ghanasyam Rallapalli, Panagiotis F. Sarris, Joo Yong Woo, Simon J. Williams, Toby E. Newman, Kyung Hee Paek, Bostjan Kobe, Jonathan D. G. Jones

A Conserved Role for p48 Homologs in Protecting Dopaminergic Neurons from Oxidative Stress

Peter Bou Dib, Bettina Gnägi, Fiona Daly, Virginie Sabado, Damla Tas, Dominique A. Glauser, Peter Meister, Emi Nagoshi

Keratin 76 Is Required for Tight Junction Function and Maintenance of the Skin Barrier

Tia DiTommaso, Denny L. Cottle, Helen B. Pearson, Holger Schlüter, Pritinder Kaur, Patrick O. Humbert, Ian M. Smyth

Dynamic Partnership between TFIIH, PGC-1α and SIRT1 Is Impaired in Trichothiodystrophy

Hussein Traboulsi, Serena Davoli, Philippe Catez, Jean-Marc Egly, Emmanuel Compe

Examination of Prokaryotic Multipartite Genome Evolution through Experimental Genome Reduction

George C. diCenzo, Allyson M. MacLean, Branislava Milunovic, G. Brian Golding, Turlough M. Finan

It's All in Your Mind: Determining Germ Cell Fate by Neuronal IRE-1 in C. elegans

Mor Levi-Ferber, Yehuda Salzberg, Modi Safra, Anat Haviv-Chesner, Hannes E. Bülow, Sivan Henis-Korenblit

The Master Activator of IncA/C Conjugative Plasmids Stimulates Genomic Islands and Multidrug Resistance Dissemination

Nicolas Carraro, Dominick Matteau, Peng Luo, Sébastien Rodrigue, Vincent Burrus

Ancient Expansion of the Hox Cluster in Lepidoptera Generated Four Homeobox Genes Implicated in Extra-Embryonic Tissue Formation

Laura Ferguson, Ferdinand Marlétaz, Jean-Michel Carter, William R. Taylor, Melanie Gibbs, Casper J. Breuker, Peter W. H. Holland

The Analysis of Mutant Alleles of Different Strength Reveals Multiple Functions of Topoisomerase 2 in Regulation of Drosophila Chromosome Structure

Valentina Mengoli, Elisabetta Bucciarelli, Ramona Lattao, Roberto Piergentili, Maurizio Gatti, Silvia Bonaccorsi

Identification of Genes Important for Cutaneous Function Revealed by a Large Scale Reverse Genetic Screen in the Mouse

Tia DiTommaso, Lynelle K. Jones, Denny L. Cottle, The WTSI Mouse Genetics Program, Anna-Karin Gerdin, Valerie E. Vancollie, Fiona M. Watt, Ramiro Ramirez-Solis, Allan Bradley, Karen P. Steel, John P. Sundberg, Jacqueline K. White, Ian M. Smyth

A Gain-of-Function Mutation in Tnni2 Impeded Bone Development through Increasing Hif3a Expression in DA2B Mice

Xiaoquan Zhu, Fengchao Wang, Yanyang Zhao, Peng Yang, Jun Chen, Hanzi Sun, Lei Liu, Wenjun Li, Lin Pan, Yanru Guo, Zhaohui Kou, Yu Zhang, Cheng Zhou, Jiang He, Xue Zhang, Jianxin Li, Weitian Han, Jian Li, Guanghui Liu, Shaorong Gao, Ze Yang

Genetic Influences on Translation in Yeast

Frank W. Albert, Dale Muzzey, Jonathan S. Weissman, Leonid Kruglyak

Multifaceted Genome Control by Set1 Dependent and Independent of H3K4 Methylation and the Set1C/COMPASS Complex

Irina V. Mikheyeva, Patrick J. R. Grady, Fiona B. Tamburini, David R. Lorenz, Hugh P. Cam

Mmp1 Processing of the PDF Neuropeptide Regulates Circadian Structural Plasticity of Pacemaker Neurons

Ana Depetris-Chauvin, Ágata Fernández-Gamba, E. Axel Gorostiza, Anastasia Herrero, Eduardo M. Castaño, M. Fernanda Ceriani

Ribosomal Readthrough at a Short UGA Stop Codon Context Triggers Dual Localization of Metabolic Enzymes in Fungi and Animals

Alina C. Stiebler, Johannes Freitag, Kay O. Schink, Thorsten Stehlik, Britta A. M. Tillmann, Julia Ast, Michael Bölker

Integrating Functional Data to Prioritize Causal Variants in Statistical Fine-Mapping Studies

Gleb Kichaev, Wen-Yun Yang, Sara Lindstrom, Farhad Hormozdiari, Eleazar Eskin, Alkes L. Price, Peter Kraft, Bogdan Pasaniuc

Feeding State, Insulin and NPR-1 Modulate Chemoreceptor Gene Expression via Integration of Sensory and Circuit Inputs

Matthew Gruner, Dru Nelson, Ari Winbush, Rebecca Hintz, Leesun Ryu, Samuel H. Chung, Kyuhyung Kim, Chrisopher V. Gabel, Alexander M. van der Linden

COE Loss-of-Function Analysis Reveals a Genetic Program Underlying Maintenance and Regeneration of the Nervous System in Planarians

Martis W. Cowles, Kerilyn C. Omuro, Brianna N. Stanley, Carlo G. Quintanilla, Ricardo M. Zayas

A Role for Taiman in Insect Metamorphosis

Jesus Lozano, Takumi Kayukawa, Tetsuro Shinoda, Xavier Belles

Genome-Wide Association Study of CSF Levels of 59 Alzheimer's Disease Candidate Proteins: Significant Associations with Proteins Involved in Amyloid Processing and Inflammation

John S. K. Kauwe, Matthew H. Bailey, Perry G. Ridge, Rachel Perry, Mark E. Wadsworth, Kaitlyn L. Hoyt, Lyndsay A. Staley, Celeste M. Karch, Oscar Harari, Carlos Cruchaga, Benjamin J. Ainscough, Kelly Bales, Eve H. Pickering, Sarah Bertelsen, the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Anne M. Fagan, David M. Holtzman, John C. Morris, Alison M. Goate

Spinster Homolog 2 (Spns2) Deficiency Causes Early Onset Progressive Hearing Loss

Jing Chen, Neil Ingham, John Kelly, Shalini Jadeja, David Goulding, Johanna Pass, Vinit B. Mahajan, Stephen H. Tsang, Anastasia Nijnik, Ian J. Jackson, Jacqueline K. White, Andrew Forge, Daniel Jagger, Karen P. Steel

Gene Pathways That Delay Caenorhabditis elegans Reproductive Senescence

Meng C. Wang, Holly D. Oakley, Christopher E. Carr, Jessica N. Sowa, Gary Ruvkun

Notch3 Interactome Analysis Identified WWP2 as a Negative Regulator of Notch3 Signaling in Ovarian Cancer

Jin-Gyoung Jung, Alexander Stoeck, Bin Guan, Ren-Chin Wu, Heng Zhu, Seth Blackshaw, Ie-Ming Shih, Tian-Li Wang

De Novo Mutations in Moderate or Severe Intellectual Disability

Fadi F. Hamdan, Myriam Srour, Jose-Mario Capo-Chichi, Hussein Daoud, Christina Nassif, Lysanne Patry, Christine Massicotte, Amirthagowri Ambalavanan, Dan Spiegelman, Ousmane Diallo, Edouard Henrion, Alexandre Dionne-Laporte, Anne Fougerat, Alexey V. Pshezhetsky, Sunita Venkateswaran, Guy A. Rouleau, Jacques L. Michaud

Telomeric ORFs (TLOs) in Candida spp. Encode Mediator Subunits That Regulate Distinct Virulence Traits

John Haran, Hannah Boyle, Karsten Hokamp, Tim Yeomans, Zhongle Liu, Michael Church, Alastair B. Fleming, Matthew Z. Anderson, Judith Berman, Lawrence C. Myers, Derek J. Sullivan, Gary P. Moran

The Listeria Small RNA Rli27 Regulates a Cell Wall Protein inside Eukaryotic Cells by Targeting a Long 5′-UTR Variant

Juan J. Quereda, Álvaro D. Ortega, M. Graciela Pucciarelli, Francisco García-del Portillo