Table of Contents: March 2010

In flowering plants, a pollen tube delivers two sperm to an ovule: one fuses with the egg to form an embryo (magenta), and the other fuses with the central cell to form endosperm (green, top ovule). Sperm with reduced function of HAP2(GCS1), a sperm-expressed transmembrane protein, are either completely infertile (left), fertilize the egg but not the central cell (right), or fertilize the central cell but not the egg (bottom). In this issue of PLoS Genetics, Wong et al. use molecular genetic studies in Arabidopsis to define critical features of HAP2(GCS1), a deeply conserved protein essential for gamete fusion.

Image Credit: Julian L. Wong and Alexander R. Leydon (Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry, Brown University, USA)

Research Articles

Transgenic Rat Model of Neurodegeneration Caused by Mutation in the TDP Gene

Hongxia Zhou, Cao Huang, Han Chen, Dian Wang, Carlisle P. Landel, Pedro Yuxing Xia, Robert Bowser, Yong-Jian Liu, Xu Gang Xia

Initial Genomics of the Human Nucleolus

Attila Németh, Ana Conesa, Javier Santoyo-Lopez, Ignacio Medina, David Montaner, Bálint Péterfia, Irina Solovei, Thomas Cremer, Joaquin Dopazo, Gernot Längst

Local-Scale Patterns of Genetic Variability, Outcrossing, and Spatial Structure in Natural Stands of Arabidopsis thaliana

Kirsten Bomblies, Levi Yant, Roosa A. Laitinen, Sang-Tae Kim, Jesse D. Hollister, Norman Warthmann, Joffrey Fitz, Detlef Weigel

Regulation of Lifespan, Metabolism, and Stress Responses by the Drosophila SH2B Protein, Lnk

Cathy Slack, Christian Werz, Daniela Wieser, Nazif Alic, Andrea Foley, Hugo Stocker, Dominic J. Withers, Janet M. Thornton, Ernst Hafen, Linda Partridge

HAP2(GCS1)-Dependent Gamete Fusion Requires a Positively Charged Carboxy-Terminal Domain

Julian L. Wong, Alexander R. Leydon, Mark A. Johnson

Multiple Signals Converge on a Differentiation MAPK Pathway

Colin A. Chavel, Heather M. Dionne, Barbara Birkaya, Jyoti Joshi, Paul J. Cullen

Identification and Functional Analysis of the Vision-Specific BBS3 (ARL6) Long Isoform

Pamela R. Pretorius, Lisa M. Baye, Darryl Y. Nishimura, Charles C. Searby, Kevin Bugge, Baoli Yang, Robert F. Mullins, Edwin M. Stone, Val C. Sheffield, Diane C. Slusarski

Parental Genome Dosage Imbalance Deregulates Imprinting in Arabidopsis

Pauline E. Jullien, Frédéric Berger

Deciphering Normal Blood Gene Expression Variation—The NOWAC Postgenome Study

Vanessa Dumeaux, Karina S. Olsen, Gregory Nuel, Ruth H. Paulssen, Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale, Eiliv Lund

Fatal Cardiac Arrhythmia and Long-QT Syndrome in a New Form of Congenital Generalized Lipodystrophy with Muscle Rippling (CGL4) Due to PTRF-CAVIN Mutations

Anna Rajab, Volker Straub, Liza J. McCann, Dominik Seelow, Raymonda Varon, Rita Barresi, Anne Schulze, Barbara Lucke, Susanne Lützkendorf, Mohsen Karbasiyan, Sebastian Bachmann, Simone Spuler, Markus Schuelke

Identification of the Regulatory Logic Controlling Salmonella Pathoadaptation by the SsrA-SsrB Two-Component System

Ana M. Tomljenovic-Berube, David T. Mulder, Matthew D. Whiteside, Fiona S. L. Brinkman, Brian K. Coombes

Bias and Evolution of the Mutationally Accessible Phenotypic Space in a Developmental System

Christian Braendle, Charles F. Baer, Marie-Anne Félix

Arginylation-Dependent Neural Crest Cell Migration Is Essential for Mouse Development

Satoshi Kurosaka, N. Adrian Leu, Fangliang Zhang, Ralph Bunte, Sougata Saha, Junling Wang, Caiying Guo, Wei He, Anna Kashina

MiR-218 Inhibits Invasion and Metastasis of Gastric Cancer by Targeting the Robo1 Receptor

Jun Tie, Yanglin Pan, Lina Zhao, Kaichun Wu, Jie Liu, Shiren Sun, Xuegang Guo, Biaoluo Wang, Yi Gang, Yongguo Zhang, Quanjiang Li, Taidong Qiao, Qingchuan Zhao, Yongzhan Nie, Daiming Fan

HP1 Recruitment in the Absence of Argonaute Proteins in Drosophila

Nellie Moshkovich, Elissa P. Lei

Role of RecA and the SOS Response in Thymineless Death in Escherichia coli

Natalie C. Fonville, David Bates, P. J. Hastings, Philip C. Hanawalt, Susan M. Rosenberg

Rapid Assessment of Genetic Ancestry in Populations of Unknown Origin by Genome-Wide Genotyping of Pooled Samples

Charleston W. K. Chiang, Zofia K. Z. Gajdos, Joshua M. Korn, Finny G. Kuruvilla, Johannah L. Butler, Rachel Hackett, Candace Guiducci, Thutrang T. Nguyen, Rainford Wilks, Terrence Forrester, Christopher A. Haiman, Katherine D. Henderson, Loic Le Marchand, Brian E. Henderson, Mark R. Palmert, Colin A. McKenzie, Helen N. Lyon, Richard S. Cooper, Xiaofeng Zhu, Joel N. Hirschhorn

Association of the OCA2 Polymorphism His615Arg with Melanin Content in East Asian Populations: Further Evidence of Convergent Evolution of Skin Pigmentation

Melissa Edwards, Abigail Bigham, Jinze Tan, Shilin Li, Agnes Gozdzik, Kendra Ross, Li Jin, Esteban J. Parra

Derepression of the Plant Chromovirus LORE1 Induces Germline Transposition in Regenerated Plants

Eigo Fukai, Yosuke Umehara, Shusei Sato, Makoto Endo, Hiroshi Kouchi, Makoto Hayashi, Jens Stougaard, Hirohiko Hirochika

KRAB–Zinc Finger Proteins and KAP1 Can Mediate Long-Range Transcriptional Repression through Heterochromatin Spreading

Anna C. Groner, Sylvain Meylan, Angela Ciuffi, Nadine Zangger, Giovanna Ambrosini, Nicolas Dénervaud, Philipp Bucher, Didier Trono

Papillorenal Syndrome-Causing Missense Mutations in PAX2/Pax2 Result in Hypomorphic Alleles in Mouse and Human

Ramakrishna P. Alur, Camasamudram Vijayasarathy, Jacob D. Brown, Mohit Mehtani, Ighovie F. Onojafe, Yuri V. Sergeev, Elangovan Boobalan, MaryPat Jones, Ke Tang, Haiquan Liu, Chun-hong Xia, Xiaohua Gong, Brian P. Brooks

Mislocalization of XPF-ERCC1 Nuclease Contributes to Reduced DNA Repair in XP-F Patients

Anwaar Ahmad, Jacqueline H. Enzlin, Nikhil R. Bhagwat, Nils Wijgers, Anja Raams, Esther Appledoorn, Arjan F. Theil, Jan H. J. Hoeijmakers, Wim Vermeulen, Nicolaas G. J. Jaspers, Orlando D. Schärer, Laura J. Niedernhofer