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July 2009

Cicadas feed exclusively on plant xylem sap. To supplement their nutrient-poor diet, they have developed elaborate symbioses with bacteria. An article in this issue of PLoS Genetics (see McCutcheon et al., 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000565) describes the genomic properties of a remarkable bacterium that is symbiotic in cicadas. This α-Proteobacteria, called Hodgkinia cicadicola, has the smallest reported genome of any cellular organism, with only 188 genes in total. Although all other small bacterial genomes are guanine-cytosine (GC)-poor, this one is GC-rich, resulting in an unprecedented combination of genomic features. Additionally, Hodgkinia uses an alternative genetic code, in which UGA has been reassigned from stop to tryptophan.

Image Credit: Adam Fleishman (Cometmoth Sight and Sound,


Research Articles

Evolution of Stress-Regulated Gene Expression in Duplicate Genes of Arabidopsis thaliana

Cheng Zou, Melissa D. Lehti-Shiu, Michael Thomashow, Shin-Han Shiu

EPHA2 Is Associated with Age-Related Cortical Cataract in Mice and Humans

Gyungah Jun, Hong Guo, Barbara E. K. Klein, Ronald Klein, Jie Jin Wang, Paul Mitchell, Hui Miao, Kristine E. Lee, Tripti Joshi, Matthias Buck, Preeti Chugha, David Bardenstein, Alison P. Klein, Joan E. Bailey-Wilson, Xiaohua Gong, Tim D. Spector, Toby Andrew, Christopher J. Hammond, Robert C. Elston, Sudha K. Iyengar, Bingcheng Wang

Lack of CFTR in Skeletal Muscle Predisposes to Muscle Wasting and Diaphragm Muscle Pump Failure in Cystic Fibrosis Mice

Maziar Divangahi, Haouaria Balghi, Gawiyou Danialou, Alain S. Comtois, Alexandre Demoule, Sheila Ernest, Christina Haston, Renaud Robert, John W. Hanrahan, Danuta Radzioch, Basil J. Petrof

Coevolution of Interacting Fertilization Proteins

Nathaniel L. Clark, Joe Gasper, Masashi Sekino, Stevan A. Springer, Charles F. Aquadro, Willie J. Swanson

Circadian Clock Genes Contribute to the Regulation of Hair Follicle Cycling

Kevin K. Lin, Vivek Kumar, Mikhail Geyfman, Darya Chudova, Alexander T. Ihler, Padhraic Smyth, Ralf Paus, Joseph S. Takahashi, Bogi Andersen

Inactivation of TIF1γ Cooperates with KrasG12D to Induce Cystic Tumors of the Pancreas

David F. Vincent, Kai-Ping Yan, Isabelle Treilleux, Fabien Gay, Vanessa Arfi, Bastien Kaniewsky, Julien C. Marie, Florian Lepinasse, Sylvie Martel, Sophie Goddard-Leon, Juan L. Iovanna, Pierre Dubus, Stéphane Garcia, Alain Puisieux, Ruth Rimokh, Nabeel Bardeesy, Jean-Yves Scoazec, Régine Losson, Laurent Bartholin

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Transcriptional Mutagenesis Induced by 8-Oxoguanine in Mammalian Cells

Damien Brégeon, Paul-Antoine Peignon, Alain Sarasin

Positive Epistasis Drives the Acquisition of Multidrug Resistance

Sandra Trindade, Ana Sousa, Karina Bivar Xavier, Francisco Dionisio, Miguel Godinho Ferreira, Isabel Gordo

A Missense Mutation in the SERPINH1 Gene in Dachshunds with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Cord Drögemüller, Doreen Becker, Adrian Brunner, Bianca Haase, Patrick Kircher, Frank Seeliger, Michael Fehr, Ulrich Baumann, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Tosso Leeb

Evolutionary Dynamics of Human Toll-Like Receptors and Their Different Contributions to Host Defense

Luis B. Barreiro, Meriem Ben-Ali, Hélène Quach, Guillaume Laval, Etienne Patin, Joseph K. Pickrell, Christiane Bouchier, Magali Tichit, Olivier Neyrolles, Brigitte Gicquel, Judith R. Kidd, Kenneth K. Kidd, Alexandre Alcaïs, Josiane Ragimbeau, Sandra Pellegrini, Laurent Abel, Jean-Laurent Casanova, Lluís Quintana-Murci

The Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule EpCAM Is Required for Epithelial Morphogenesis and Integrity during Zebrafish Epiboly and Skin Development

Krasimir Slanchev, Thomas J. Carney, Marc P. Stemmler, Birgit Koschorz, Adam Amsterdam, Heinz Schwarz, Matthias Hammerschmidt

A Genome-Wide Association Study of Hypertension and Blood Pressure in African Americans

Adebowale Adeyemo, Norman Gerry, Guanjie Chen, Alan Herbert, Ayo Doumatey, Hanxia Huang, Jie Zhou, Kerrie Lashley, Yuanxiu Chen, Michael Christman, Charles Rotimi

Novel Secretion Apparatus Maintains Spore Integrity and Developmental Gene Expression in Bacillus subtilis

Thierry Doan, Cecile Morlot, Jeffrey Meisner, Monica Serrano, Adriano O. Henriques, Charles P. Moran Jr, David Z. Rudner

Two Chromatin Remodeling Activities Cooperate during Activation of Hormone Responsive Promoters

Guillermo Pablo Vicent, Roser Zaurin, A. Silvina Nacht, Ang Li, Jofre Font-Mateu, Francois Le Dily, Michiel Vermeulen, Matthias Mann, Miguel Beato

Evolution and Survival on Eutherian Sex Chromosomes

Melissa A. Wilson, Kateryna D. Makova

A Strand-Specific RNA–Seq Analysis of the Transcriptome of the Typhoid Bacillus Salmonella Typhi

Timothy T. Perkins, Robert A. Kingsley, Maria C. Fookes, Paul P. Gardner, Keith D. James, Lu Yu, Samuel A. Assefa, Miao He, Nicholas J. Croucher, Derek J. Pickard, Duncan J. Maskell, Julian Parkhill, Jyoti Choudhary, Nicholas R. Thomson, Gordon Dougan

A Multiparent Advanced Generation Inter-Cross to Fine-Map Quantitative Traits in Arabidopsis thaliana

Paula X. Kover, William Valdar, Joseph Trakalo, Nora Scarcelli, Ian M. Ehrenreich, Michael D. Purugganan, Caroline Durrant, Richard Mott

Rapid Response of a Marine Mammal Species to Holocene Climate and Habitat Change

Mark de Bruyn, Brenda L. Hall, Lucas F. Chauke, Carlo Baroni, Paul L. Koch, A. Rus Hoelzel

Distinct Roles of Non-Canonical Poly(A) Polymerases in RNA Metabolism

Salvatore San Paolo, Stepanka Vanacova, Luca Schenk, Tanja Scherrer, Diana Blank, Walter Keller, André P. Gerber

General Rules for Optimal Codon Choice

Ruth Hershberg, Dmitri A. Petrov

The Ups and Downs of Mutation Frequencies during Aging Can Account for the Apert Syndrome Paternal Age Effect

Song-Ro Yoon, Jian Qin, Rivka L. Glaser, Ethylin Wang Jabs, Nancy S. Wexler, Rebecca Sokol, Norman Arnheim, Peter Calabrese

Specific Loss of Histone H3 Lysine 9 Trimethylation and HP1γ/Cohesin Binding at D4Z4 Repeats Is Associated with Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy (FSHD)

Weihua Zeng, Jessica C. de Greef, Yen-Yun Chen, Richard Chien, Xiangduo Kong, Heather C. Gregson, Sara T. Winokur, April Pyle, Keith D. Robertson, John A. Schmiesing, Virginia E. Kimonis, Judit Balog, Rune R. Frants, Alexander R. Ball Jr., Leslie F. Lock, Peter J. Donovan, Silvère M. van der Maarel, Kyoko Yokomori

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Positional Cloning of Zinc Finger Domain Transcription Factor Zfp69, a Candidate Gene for Obesity-Associated Diabetes Contributed by Mouse Locus Nidd/SJL

Stephan Scherneck, Matthias Nestler, Heike Vogel, Matthias Blüher, Marcel-Dominique Block, Mauricio Berriel Diaz, Stephan Herzig, Nadja Schulz, Marko Teichert, Sina Tischer, Hadi Al-Hasani, Reinhart Kluge, Annette Schürmann, Hans-Georg Joost

Interactions between Cells with Distinct Mutations in c-MYC and Pten in Prostate Cancer

Jongchan Kim, Isam-Eldin A. Eltoum, Meejeon Roh, Jie Wang, Sarki A. Abdulkadir

Mitochondrial 2,4-dienoyl-CoA Reductase Deficiency in Mice Results in Severe Hypoglycemia with Stress Intolerance and Unimpaired Ketogenesis

Ilkka J. Miinalainen, Werner Schmitz, Anne Huotari, Kaija J. Autio, Raija Soininen, Emiel Ver Loren van Themaat, Myriam Baes, Karl-Heinz Herzig, Ernst Conzelmann, J. Kalervo Hiltunen

Defects in ErbB-Dependent Establishment of Adult Melanocyte Stem Cells Reveal Independent Origins for Embryonic and Regeneration Melanocytes

Keith A. Hultman, Erine H. Budi, Daniel C. Teasley, Andrew Y. Gottlieb, David M. Parichy, Stephen L. Johnson

Enhanced Disease Susceptibility 1 and Salicylic Acid Act Redundantly to Regulate Resistance Gene-Mediated Signaling

Srivathsa C. Venugopal, Rae-Dong Jeong, Mihir K. Mandal, Shifeng Zhu, A. C. Chandra-Shekara, Ye Xia, Matthew Hersh, Arnold J. Stromberg, DuRoy Navarre, Aardra Kachroo, Pradeep Kachroo

Run-Off Replication of Host-Adaptability Genes Is Associated with Gene Transfer Agents in the Genome of Mouse-Infecting Bartonella grahamii

Eva C. Berglund, A. Carolin Frank, Alexandra Calteau, Olga Vinnere Pettersson, Fredrik Granberg, Ann-Sofie Eriksson, Kristina Näslund, Martin Holmberg, Hillevi Lindroos, Siv G. E. Andersson

A Targeted Constitutive Mutation in the Apc Tumor Suppressor Gene Underlies Mammary But Not Intestinal Tumorigenesis

Claudia Gaspar, Patrick Franken, Lia Molenaar, Cor Breukel, Martin van der Valk, Ron Smits, Riccardo Fodde

Genomic Analysis of the Basal Lineage Fungus Rhizopus oryzae Reveals a Whole-Genome Duplication

Li-Jun Ma, Ashraf S. Ibrahim, Christopher Skory, Manfred G. Grabherr, Gertraud Burger, Margi Butler, Marek Elias, Alexander Idnurm, B. Franz Lang, Teruo Sone, Ayumi Abe, Sarah E. Calvo, Luis M. Corrochano, Reinhard Engels, Jianmin Fu, Wilhelm Hansberg, Jung-Mi Kim, Chinnappa D. Kodira, Michael J. Koehrsen, Bo Liu, Diego Miranda-Saavedra, Sinead O'Leary, Lucila Ortiz-Castellanos, Russell Poulter, Julio Rodriguez-Romero, José Ruiz-Herrera, Yao-Qing Shen, Qiandong Zeng, James Galagan, Bruce W. Birren, Christina A. Cuomo, Brian L. Wickes