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December 2008

Pictured is a confocal image of a mosquito testicle stained for DNA (with DAPI, shown in red) overlaid with the expression pattern of the eGFP-tagged I-PpoI endonuclease protein (shown in green). The testis hub region (lower right part of the picture) does not stain for eGFP, suggesting that stem cells are not affected by the potentially toxic endonuclease. Expression of the protein during later stages of spermatogenesis induced dominant male sterility and sex chromosome transmission ratio distortion, without disrupting the production of functional sperm (see Windbichler et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000291).

Image Credit: Image generated by Philippos Aris Papathanos (Imperial College, London).

Research Articles

Physcomitrella patens DCL3 Is Required for 22–24 nt siRNA Accumulation, Suppression of Retrotransposon-Derived Transcripts, and Normal Development

Sung Hyun Cho, Charles Addo-Quaye, Ceyda Coruh, M. Asif Arif, Zhaorong Ma, Wolfgang Frank, Michael J. Axtell

Practical Issues in Imputation-Based Association Mapping

Yongtao Guan, Matthew Stephens

Loss of Kindlin-1 Causes Skin Atrophy and Lethal Neonatal Intestinal Epithelial Dysfunction

Siegfried Ussar, Markus Moser, Moritz Widmaier, Emanuel Rognoni, Christian Harrer, Orsolya Genzel-Boroviczeny, Reinhard Fässler

Spt2p Defines a New Transcription-Dependent Gross Chromosomal Rearrangement Pathway

Nilabja Sikdar, Soma Banerjee, Han Zhang, Stephanie Smith, Kyungjae Myung

Evolutionary Diversification of Plant Shikimate Kinase Gene Duplicates

Geoffrey Fucile, Shannon Falconer, Dinesh Christendat

The Genomic Analysis of Lactic Acidosis and Acidosis Response in Human Cancers

Julia Ling-Yu Chen, Joseph E. Lucas, Thies Schroeder, Seiichi Mori, Jianli Wu, Joseph Nevins, Mark Dewhirst, Mike West, Jen-Tsan Chi

Effects of cis and trans Genetic Ancestry on Gene Expression in African Americans

Alkes L. Price, Nick Patterson, Dustin C. Hancks, Simon Myers, David Reich, Vivian G. Cheung, Richard S. Spielman

Disruption of AP1S1, Causing a Novel Neurocutaneous Syndrome, Perturbs Development of the Skin and Spinal Cord

Alexandre Montpetit, Stéphanie Côté, Edna Brustein, Christian A. Drouin, Line Lapointe, Michèle Boudreau, Caroline Meloche, Régen Drouin, Thomas J. Hudson, Pierre Drapeau, Patrick Cossette

Genome-Wide siRNA-Based Functional Genomics of Pigmentation Identifies Novel Genes and Pathways That Impact Melanogenesis in Human Cells

Anand K. Ganesan, Hsiang Ho, Brian Bodemann, Sean Petersen, Jayavani Aruri, Shiney Koshy, Zachary Richardson, Lu Q. Le, Tatiana Krasieva, Michael G. Roth, Pat Farmer, Michael A. White

The Stringent Response and Cell Cycle Arrest in Escherichia coli

Daniel J. Ferullo, Susan T. Lovett

The Chromosomal High-Affinity Binding Sites for the Drosophila Dosage Compensation Complex

Tobias Straub, Charlotte Grimaud, Gregor D. Gilfillan, Angelika Mitterweger, Peter B. Becker

The Repertoire and Dynamics of Evolutionary Adaptations to Controlled Nutrient-Limited Environments in Yeast

David Gresham, Michael M. Desai, Cheryl M. Tucker, Harry T. Jenq, Dave A. Pai, Alexandra Ward, Christopher G. DeSevo, David Botstein, Maitreya J. Dunham

The Population Genetics of dN/dS

Sergey Kryazhimskiy, Joshua B. Plotkin

A Simple Screen to Identify Promoters Conferring High Levels of Phenotypic Noise

Nikki E. Freed, Olin K. Silander, Bärbel Stecher, Alex Böhm, Wolf-Dietrich Hardt, Martin Ackermann

Shaping Skeletal Growth by Modular Regulatory Elements in the Bmp5 Gene

Catherine Guenther, Luiz Pantalena-Filho, David M. Kingsley

Genetic and Computational Identification of a Conserved Bacterial Metabolic Module

Cara C. Boutte, Balaji S. Srinivasan, Jason A. Flannick, Antal F. Novak, Andrew T. Martens, Serafim Batzoglou, Patrick H. Viollier, Sean Crosson

Developmental Constraints on Vertebrate Genome Evolution

Julien Roux, Marc Robinson-Rechavi

Novel Association of HK1 with Glycated Hemoglobin in a Non-Diabetic Population: A Genome-Wide Evaluation of 14,618 Participants in the Women's Genome Health Study

Guillaume Paré, Daniel I. Chasman, Alexander N. Parker, David M. Nathan, Joseph P. Miletich, Robert Y. Zee, Paul M. Ridker

Sexually Antagonistic “Zygotic Drive” of the Sex Chromosomes

William R. Rice, Sergey Gavrilets, Urban Friberg

The Golgin GMAP210/TRIP11 Anchors IFT20 to the Golgi Complex

John A. Follit, Jovenal T. San Agustin, Fenghui Xu, Julie A. Jonassen, Rajeev Samtani, Cecilia W. Lo, Gregory J. Pazour

Gata3 Acts Downstream of β-Catenin Signaling to Prevent Ectopic Metanephric Kidney Induction

David Grote, Sami Kamel Boualia, Abdallah Souabni, Calli Merkel, Xuan Chi, Frank Costantini, Thomas Carroll, Maxime Bouchard

Ion Channel Clustering at the Axon Initial Segment and Node of Ranvier Evolved Sequentially in Early Chordates

Alexis S. Hill, Atsuo Nishino, Koichi Nakajo, Giuxin Zhang, Jaime R. Fineman, Michael E. Selzer, Yasushi Okamura, Edward C. Cooper

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