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November 2008

The genomic legacy of the lion, Panthera leo—one of the world's most charismatic carnivores—was studied using a large multigenic dataset. Population genomics of 357 individuals from most of the major lion populations in Africa and Asia refuted the hypothesis that African lions consist of a single, randomly breeding (panmictic) population and provided insight into the lion's natural history (see Antunes et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000251). The high population structure observed highlights the importance of preserving lion populations in decline as opposed to prioritizing larger-scale conservation efforts.

Image Credit: Photo of lion cubs from Laikipia District, central Kenya, by James Warwick (

Research Articles

Physcomitrella patens DCL3 Is Required for 22–24 nt siRNA Accumulation, Suppression of Retrotransposon-Derived Transcripts, and Normal Development

Sung Hyun Cho, Charles Addo-Quaye, Ceyda Coruh, M. Asif Arif, Zhaorong Ma, Wolfgang Frank, Michael J. Axtell

Mutations in AtPS1 (Arabidopsis thaliana Parallel Spindle 1) Lead to the Production of Diploid Pollen Grains

Isabelle d'Erfurth, Sylvie Jolivet, Nicole Froger, Olivier Catrice, Maria Novatchkova, Mathieu Simon, Eric Jenczewski, Raphaël Mercier

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AML1/ETO Oncoprotein Is Directed to AML1 Binding Regions and Co-Localizes with AML1 and HEB on Its Targets

Alessandro Gardini, Matteo Cesaroni, Lucilla Luzi, Akiko J. Okumura, Joseph R. Biggs, Simone P. Minardi, Elisa Venturini, Dong-Er Zhang, Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, Myriam Alcalay

A PI3-Kinase–Mediated Negative Feedback Regulates Neuronal Excitability

Eric Howlett, Curtis Chun-Jen Lin, William Lavery, Michael Stern

An Ancient Duplication of Exon 5 in the Snap25 Gene Is Required for Complex Neuronal Development/Function

Jenny U. Johansson, Jesper Ericsson, Juliette Janson, Simret Beraki, Davor Stanić, Slavena A. Mandic, Martin A. Wikström, Tomas Hökfelt, Sven Ove Ögren, Björn Rozell, Per-Olof Berggren, Christina Bark

SRA-Domain Proteins Required for DRM2-Mediated De Novo DNA Methylation

Lianna M. Johnson, Julie A. Law, Anuj Khattar, Ian R. Henderson, Steven E. Jacobsen

Hypermutable Non-Synonymous Sites Are under Stronger Negative Selection

Steffen Schmidt, Anna Gerasimova, Fyodor A. Kondrashov, Ivan A. Adzuhbei, Alexey S. Kondrashov, Shamil Sunyaev

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Genetics Meets Metabolomics: A Genome-Wide Association Study of Metabolite Profiles in Human Serum

Christian Gieger, Ludwig Geistlinger, Elisabeth Altmaier, Martin Hrabé de Angelis, Florian Kronenberg, Thomas Meitinger, Hans-Werner Mewes, H.-Erich Wichmann, Klaus M. Weinberger, Jerzy Adamski, Thomas Illig, Karsten Suhre

Profiling Synaptic Proteins Identifies Regulators of Insulin Secretion and Lifespan

QueeLim Ch'ng, Derek Sieburth, Joshua M. Kaplan

Chemical–Genetic Profiling of Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines and -Pyrimidines Reveals Target Pathways Conserved between Yeast and Human Cells

Lisa Yu, Andres Lopez, Abderrahmane Anaflous, Brahim El Bali, Abdellah Hamal, Elke Ericson, Lawrence E. Heisler, Angus McQuibban, Guri Giaever, Corey Nislow, Charles Boone, Grant W. Brown, Mohammed Bellaoui

Field-Caught Permethrin-Resistant Anopheles gambiae Overexpress CYP6P3, a P450 That Metabolises Pyrethroids

Pie Müller, Emma Warr, Bradley J. Stevenson, Patricia M. Pignatelli, John C. Morgan, Andrew Steven, Alexander E. Yawson, Sara N. Mitchell, Hilary Ranson, Janet Hemingway, Mark J. I. Paine, Martin J. Donnelly

Genetic Analysis of Human Traits In Vitro: Drug Response and Gene Expression in Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines

Edwin Choy, Roman Yelensky, Sasha Bonakdar, Robert M. Plenge, Richa Saxena, Philip L. De Jager, Stanley Y. Shaw, Cara S. Wolfish, Jacqueline M. Slavik, Chris Cotsapas, Manuel Rivas, Emmanouil T. Dermitzakis, Ellen Cahir-McFarland, Elliott Kieff, David Hafler, Mark J. Daly, David Altshuler

Exploring Microbial Diversity and Taxonomy Using SSU rRNA Hypervariable Tag Sequencing

Susan M. Huse, Les Dethlefsen, Julie A. Huber, David Mark Welch, David A. Relman, Mitchell L. Sogin

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Hypermutability of Damaged Single-Strand DNA Formed at Double-Strand Breaks and Uncapped Telomeres in Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yong Yang, Joan Sterling, Francesca Storici, Michael A. Resnick, Dmitry A. Gordenin

A Motor Function for the DEAD-Box RNA Helicase, Gemin3, in Drosophila

Ruben J. Cauchi, Kay E. Davies, Ji-Long Liu

A Role for Oxidized DNA Precursors in Huntington's Disease–Like Striatal Neurodegeneration

Gabriele De Luca, Maria Teresa Russo, Paolo Degan, Cecilia Tiveron, Andrea Zijno, Ettore Meccia, Ilenia Ventura, Elisabetta Mattei, Yusaku Nakabeppu, Marco Crescenzi, Rita Pepponi, Antonella Pèzzola, Patrizia Popoli, Margherita Bignami

Cell Cycle– and Chaperone-Mediated Regulation of H3K56ac Incorporation in Yeast

Tommy Kaplan, Chih Long Liu, Judith A. Erkmann, John Holik, Michael Grunstein, Paul D. Kaufman, Nir Friedman, Oliver J. Rando

p8/TTDA Overexpression Enhances UV-Irradiation Resistance and Suppresses TFIIH Mutations in a Drosophila Trichothiodystrophy Model

Javier Aguilar-Fuentes, Mariana Fregoso, Mariana Herrera, Enrique Reynaud, Cathy Braun, Jean Marc Egly, Mario Zurita

Synonymous Genes Explore Different Evolutionary Landscapes

Guillaume Cambray, Didier Mazel

CTCF cis-Regulates Trinucleotide Repeat Instability in an Epigenetic Manner: A Novel Basis for Mutational Hot Spot Determination

Randell T. Libby, Katharine A. Hagerman, Victor V. Pineda, Rachel Lau, Diane H. Cho, Sandy L. Baccam, Michelle M. Axford, John D. Cleary, James M. Moore, Bryce L. Sopher, Stephen J. Tapscott, Galina N. Filippova, Christopher E. Pearson, Albert R. La Spada

Bidirectional Transcription Directs Both Transcriptional Gene Activation and Suppression in Human Cells

Kevin V. Morris, Sharon Santoso, Anne-Marie Turner, Chiara Pastori, Peter G. Hawkins

Murine Dishevelled 3 Functions in Redundant Pathways with Dishevelled 1 and 2 in Normal Cardiac Outflow Tract, Cochlea, and Neural Tube Development

S. Leah Etheridge, Saugata Ray, Shuangding Li, Natasha S. Hamblet, Nardos Lijam, Michael Tsang, Joy Greer, Natalie Kardos, Jianbo Wang, Daniel J. Sussman, Ping Chen, Anthony Wynshaw-Boris

Dissection of a QTL Hotspot on Mouse Distal Chromosome 1 that Modulates Neurobehavioral Phenotypes and Gene Expression

Khyobeni Mozhui, Daniel C. Ciobanu, Thomas Schikorski, Xusheng Wang, Lu Lu, Robert W. Williams

Aging Predisposes Oocytes to Meiotic Nondisjunction When the Cohesin Subunit SMC1 Is Reduced

Vijayalakshmi V. Subramanian, Sharon E. Bickel

A Glial Variant of the Vesicular Monoamine Transporter Is Required To Store Histamine in the Drosophila Visual System

Rafael Romero-Calderón, Guido Uhlenbrock, Jolanta Borycz, Anne F. Simon, Anna Grygoruk, Susan K. Yee, Amy Shyer, Larry C. Ackerson, Nigel T. Maidment, Ian A. Meinertzhagen, Bernhard T. Hovemann, David E. Krantz

Mutations in the SLC2A9 Gene Cause Hyperuricosuria and Hyperuricemia in the Dog

Danika Bannasch, Noa Safra, Amy Young, Nili Karmi, R. S. Schaible, G. V. Ling

High-Resolution Copy-Number Variation Map Reflects Human Olfactory Receptor Diversity and Evolution

Yehudit Hasin, Tsviya Olender, Miriam Khen, Claudia Gonzaga-Jauregui, Philip M. Kim, Alexander Eckehart Urban, Michael Snyder, Mark B. Gerstein, Doron Lancet, Jan O. Korbel

The Impact of the Nucleosome Code on Protein-Coding Sequence Evolution in Yeast

Tobias Warnecke, Nizar N. Batada, Laurence D. Hurst

The Evolutionary Dynamics of the Lion Panthera leo Revealed by Host and Viral Population Genomics

Agostinho Antunes, Jennifer L. Troyer, Melody E. Roelke, Jill Pecon-Slattery, Craig Packer, Christiaan Winterbach, Hanlie Winterbach, Graham Hemson, Laurence Frank, Philip Stander, Ludwig Siefert, Margaret Driciru, Paul J. Funston, Kathy A. Alexander, Katherine C. Prager, Gus Mills, David Wildt, Mitch Bush, Stephen J. O'Brien, Warren E. Johnson

Functional Polymorphisms in PRODH Are Associated with Risk and Protection for Schizophrenia and Fronto-Striatal Structure and Function

Lucas Kempf, Kristin K. Nicodemus, Bhaskar Kolachana, Radhakrishna Vakkalanka, Beth A. Verchinski, Michael F. Egan, Richard E. Straub, Venkata A. Mattay, Joseph H. Callicott, Daniel R. Weinberger, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg