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July 2008

A fluorescence micrograph of the reproductive tract of a C. elegans hermaphrodite with reduced E1 ubiquitin ligase activity is shown, as visualized by OMA-1::GFP (see Kulkarni and Smith, doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000131).

Image Credit: Madhura Kulkarni


PLoS Genetics Turns Three: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Wayne N. Frankel, Gregory S. Barsh


Pain Genes

Tom Foulkes, John N. Wood

Research Articles

Identification of Neural Outgrowth Genes using Genome-Wide RNAi

Katharine J. Sepp, Pengyu Hong, Sofia B. Lizarraga, Judy S. Liu, Luis A. Mejia, Christopher A. Walsh, Norbert Perrimon

Genetic Interactions of MAF1 Identify a Role for Med20 in Transcriptional Repression of Ribosomal Protein Genes

Ian M. Willis, Gordon Chua, Amy H. Tong, Renee L. Brost, Timothy R. Hughes, Charles Boone, Robyn D. Moir

Pervasive and Persistent Redundancy among Duplicated Genes in Yeast

E. Jedediah Dean, Jerel C. Davis, Ronald W. Davis, Dmitri A. Petrov

Tracing Sub-Structure in the European American Population with PCA-Informative Markers

Peristera Paschou, Petros Drineas, Jamey Lewis, Caroline M. Nievergelt, Deborah A. Nickerson, Joshua D. Smith, Paul M. Ridker, Daniel I. Chasman, Ronald M. Krauss, Elad Ziv

An Integrated Approach for the Analysis of Biological Pathways using Mixed Models

Lily Wang, Bing Zhang, Russell D. Wolfinger, Xi Chen

Sensory Perception of Food and Insulin-Like Signals Influence Seizure Susceptibility

Todd R. Gruninger, Daisy G. Gualberto, L. Rene Garcia

Novel Association of ABO Histo-Blood Group Antigen with Soluble ICAM-1: Results of a Genome-Wide Association Study of 6,578 Women

Guillaume Paré, Daniel I. Chasman, Mark Kellogg, Robert Y. L. Zee, Nader Rifai, Sunita Badola, Joseph P. Miletich, Paul M. Ridker

The Recombinational Anatomy of a Mouse Chromosome

Kenneth Paigen, Jin P. Szatkiewicz, Kathryn Sawyer, Nicole Leahy, Emil D. Parvanov, Siemon H. S. Ng, Joel H. Graber, Karl W. Broman, Petko M. Petkov

Mechanisms of Cell Cycle Control Revealed by a Systematic and Quantitative Overexpression Screen in S. cerevisiae

Wei Niu, Zhihua Li, Wenjing Zhan, Vishwanath R. Iyer, Edward M. Marcotte

Zebrafish Whole-Adult-Organism Chemogenomics for Large-Scale Predictive and Discovery Chemical Biology

Siew Hong Lam, Sinnakarupan Mathavan, Yan Tong, Haixia Li, R. Krishna Murthy Karuturi, Yilian Wu, Vinsensius B. Vega, Edison T. Liu, Zhiyuan Gong

Identification and Dissection of a Complex DNA Repair Sensitivity Phenotype in Baker's Yeast

Ann Demogines, Erin Smith, Leonid Kruglyak, Eric Alani

A Candidate Gene Approach Identifies the CHRNA5-A3-B4 Region as a Risk Factor for Age-Dependent Nicotine Addiction

Robert B. Weiss, Timothy B. Baker, Dale S. Cannon, Andrew von Niederhausern, Diane M. Dunn, Nori Matsunami, Nanda A. Singh, Lisa Baird, Hilary Coon, William M. McMahon, Megan E. Piper, Michael C. Fiore, Mary Beth Scholand, John E. Connett, Richard E. Kanner, Lorise C. Gahring, Scott W. Rogers, John R. Hoidal, Mark F. Leppert

Identification of Drosophila Mitotic Genes by Combining Co-Expression Analysis and RNA Interference

Maria Patrizia Somma, Francesca Ceprani, Elisabetta Bucciarelli, Valeria Naim, Valeria De Arcangelis, Roberto Piergentili, Antonella Palena, Laura Ciapponi, Maria Grazia Giansanti, Claudia Pellacani, Romano Petrucci, Giovanni Cenci, Fiammetta Vernì, Barbara Fasulo, Michael L. Goldberg, Ferdinando Di Cunto, Maurizio Gatti

Dynamics of Genome Rearrangement in Bacterial Populations

Aaron E. Darling, István Miklós, Mark A. Ragan

A Precisely Regulated Gene Expression Cassette Potently Modulates Metastasis and Survival in Multiple Solid Cancers

Kun Yu, Kumaresan Ganesan, Lay Keng Tan, Mirtha Laban, Jeanie Wu, Xiao Dong Zhao, Hongmin Li, Carol Ho Wing Leung, Yansong Zhu, Chia Lin Wei, Shing Chuan Hooi, Lance Miller, Patrick Tan

Myc Oncogene-Induced Genomic Instability: DNA Palindromes in Bursal Lymphomagenesis

Paul E. Neiman, Katrina Elsaesser, Gilbert Loring, Robert Kimmel

Genome-Wide Occupancy of SREBP1 and Its Partners NFY and SP1 Reveals Novel Functional Roles and Combinatorial Regulation of Distinct Classes of Genes

Brian D. Reed, Alexandra E. Charos, Anna M. Szekely, Sherman M. Weissman, Michael Snyder

Positional Cloning of “Lisch-like”, a Candidate Modifier of Susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes in Mice

Marija Dokmanovic-Chouinard, Wendy K. Chung, Jean-Claude Chevre, Elizabeth Watson, Jason Yonan, Beebe Wiegand, Yana Bromberg, Nao Wakae, Chris V. Wright, John Overton, Sujoy Ghosh, Ganesh M. Sathe, Carina E. Ammala, Kathleen K. Brown, Rokuro Ito, Charles LeDuc, Keely Solomon, Stuart G. Fischer, Rudolph L. Leibel

Simultaneous Analysis of All SNPs in Genome-Wide and Re-Sequencing Association Studies

Clive J. Hoggart, John C. Whittaker, Maria De Iorio, David J. Balding

Regulation of Zebrafish Skeletogenesis by ext2/dackel and papst1/pinscher

Aurélie Clément, Malgorzata Wiweger, Sophia von der Hardt, Melissa A. Rusch, Scott B. Selleck, Chi-Bin Chien, Henry H. Roehl

Complete Genome Sequence of the N2-Fixing Broad Host Range Endophyte Klebsiella pneumoniae 342 and Virulence Predictions Verified in Mice

Derrick E. Fouts, Heather L. Tyler, Robert T. DeBoy, Sean Daugherty, Qinghu Ren, Jonathan H. Badger, Anthony S. Durkin, Heather Huot, Susmita Shrivastava, Sagar Kothari, Robert J. Dodson, Yasmin Mohamoud, Hoda Khouri, Luiz F. W. Roesch, Karen A. Krogfelt, Carsten Struve, Eric W. Triplett, Barbara A. Methé

The Status of Dosage Compensation in the Multiple X Chromosomes of the Platypus

Janine E. Deakin, Timothy A. Hore, Edda Koina, Jennifer A. Marshall Graves