Table of Contents: December 2007

Expression of mutant Shp2 with a mutation that was identified in human Noonan Syndrome results in a range of defects in zebrafish embryos, including shortening of the body axis (top three embryos) compared to a control non-injected embryo (bottom) (see Jopling et al., e225).

Image Credit: Photograph provided by Chris Jopling, Hubrecht Institute.


A Bacterial Kind of Aging

Thomas Nyström

Research Articles

The Role of Carcinine in Signaling at the Drosophila Photoreceptor Synapse

Brendan A Gavin, Susan E Arruda, Patrick J Dolph

Most Caenorhabditis elegans microRNAs Are Individually Not Essential for Development or Viability

Eric A Miska, Ezequiel Alvarez-Saavedra, Allison L Abbott, Nelson C Lau, Andrew B Hellman, Shannon M McGonagle, David P Bartel, Victor R Ambros, H. Robert Horvitz

Localization of Candidate Regions Maintaining a Common Polymorphic Inversion (2La) in Anopheles gambiae

Bradley J White, Matthew W Hahn, Marco Pombi, Bryan J Cassone, Neil F Lobo, Frederic Simard, Nora J Besansky

A RNA Interference Screen Identifies the Protein Phosphatase 2A Subunit PR55γ as a Stress-Sensitive Inhibitor of c-SRC

Pieter J. A Eichhorn, Menno P Creyghton, Kevin Wilhelmsen, Hans van Dam, René Bernards

A Mechanism Misregulating p27 in Tumors Discovered in a Functional Genomic Screen

Carrie M Garrett-Engele, Michael A Tasch, Harry C Hwang, Matthew L Fero, Roger M Perlmutter, Bruce E Clurman, James M Roberts

Novel Roles for Selected Genes in Meiotic DNA Processing

Philip W Jordan, Franz Klein, David R. F Leach

Shp2 Knockdown and Noonan/LEOPARD Mutant Shp2–Induced Gastrulation Defects

Chris Jopling, Daphne van Geemen, Jeroen den Hertog

Chromosome Structuring Limits Genome Plasticity in Escherichia coli

Emilie Esnault, Michèle Valens, Olivier Espéli, Frédéric Boccard

Argonaute2 Is Essential for Mammalian Gastrulation and Proper Mesoderm Formation

Reid S Alisch, Peng Jin, Michael Epstein, Tamara Caspary, Stephen T Warren

Genome-Wide Analysis of Rad52 Foci Reveals Diverse Mechanisms Impacting Recombination

David Alvaro, Michael Lisby, Rodney Rothstein

Patterns and Implications of Gene Gain and Loss in the Evolution of Prochlorococcus

Gregory C Kettler, Adam C Martiny, Katherine Huang, Jeremy Zucker, Maureen L Coleman, Sebastien Rodrigue, Feng Chen, Alla Lapidus, Steven Ferriera, Justin Johnson, Claudia Steglich, George M Church, Paul Richardson, Sallie W Chisholm

Distinct Roles and Regulations for Hoxd Genes in Metanephric Kidney Development

Nicolas Di-Poï, József Zákány, Denis Duboule

Conserved Regulation of MAP Kinase Expression by PUF RNA-Binding Proteins

Myon-Hee Lee, Brad Hook, Guangjin Pan, Aaron M Kershner, Christopher Merritt, Geraldine Seydoux, James A Thomson, Marvin Wickens, Judith Kimble

dAtaxin-2 Mediates Expanded Ataxin-1-Induced Neurodegeneration in a Drosophila Model of SCA1

Ismael Al-Ramahi, Alma M Pérez, Janghoo Lim, Minghang Zhang, Rie Sorensen, Maria de Haro, Joana Branco, Stefan M Pulst, Huda Y Zoghbi, Juan Botas

Deletion of the MBII-85 snoRNA Gene Cluster in Mice Results in Postnatal Growth Retardation

Boris V Skryabin, Leonid V Gubar, Birte Seeger, Jana Pfeiffer, Sergej Handel, Thomas Robeck, Elena Karpova, Timofey S Rozhdestvensky, Jürgen Brosius

Human Subtelomeric WASH Genes Encode a New Subclass of the WASP Family

Elena V Linardopoulou, Sean S Parghi, Cynthia Friedman, Gregory E Osborn, Susan M Parkhurst, Barbara J Trask


A Tribute to Marcy Carlson Speer, 1959–2007

Suzanne M Leal