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October 2007

The promoter of At5g42895, a member of the uncharacterized DUF1278 gene family, drives expression of a GUS transgene (blue staining) specifically in the synergid cells of an Arabidopsis female gametophyte (see Jones-Rhoades et al., e171).

Image Credit: Photograph by Matthew Jones-Rhoades.

Research Articles

Ancient Exaptation of a CORE-SINE Retroposon into a Highly Conserved Mammalian Neuronal Enhancer of the Proopiomelanocortin Gene

Andrea M Santangelo, Flávio S. J de Souza, Lucía F Franchini, Viviana F Bumaschny, Malcolm J Low, Marcelo Rubinstein

Power to Detect Risk Alleles Using Genome-Wide Tag SNP Panels

Michael A Eberle, Pauline C Ng, Kenneth Kuhn, Lixin Zhou, Daniel A Peiffer, Luana Galver, Karine A Viaud-Martinez, Cynthia Taylor Lawley, Kevin L Gunderson, Richard Shen, Sarah S Murray

Mechanical Stress Induces Biotic and Abiotic Stress Responses via a Novel cis-Element

Justin W Walley, Sean Coughlan, Matthew E Hudson, Michael F Covington, Roy Kaspi, Gopalan Banu, Stacey L Harmer, Katayoon Dehesh

Evolution of Nova-Dependent Splicing Regulation in the Brain

Nejc Jelen, Jernej Ule, Marko Živin, Robert B Darnell

Signalling Pathways Involved in Adult Heart Formation Revealed by Gene Expression Profiling in Drosophila

Bruno Zeitouni, Sébastien Sénatore, Dany Séverac, Cindy Aknin, Michel Sémériva, Laurent Perrin

Inconsistencies in Neanderthal Genomic DNA Sequences

Jeffrey D Wall, Sung K Kim

The Interplay of RecA-related Proteins and the MND1–HOP2 Complex during Meiosis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Julien Vignard, Tanja Siwiec, Liudmila Chelysheva, Nathalie Vrielynck, Florine Gonord, Susan J Armstrong, Peter Schlögelhofer, Raphael Mercier

Regulatory Pathway Analysis by High-Throughput In Situ Hybridization

Axel Visel, James Carson, Judit Oldekamp, Marei Warnecke, Vladimira Jakubcakova, Xunlei Zhou, Chad A Shaw, Gonzalo Alvarez-Bolado, Gregor Eichele

Meiotic Transmission of an In VitroAssembled Autonomous Maize Minichromosome

Shawn R Carlson, Gary W Rudgers, Helge Zieler, Jennifer M Mach, Song Luo, Eric Grunden, Cheryl Krol, Gregory P Copenhaver, Daphne Preuss

ZIPK: A Unique Case of Murine-Specific Divergence of a Conserved Vertebrate Gene

Yishay Shoval, Shmuel Pietrokovski, Adi Kimchi

Genome-Wide Profiling of DNA Methylation Reveals a Class of Normally Methylated CpG Island Promoters

Lanlan Shen, Yutaka Kondo, Yi Guo, Jiexin Zhang, Li Zhang, Saira Ahmed, Jingmin Shu, Xinli Chen, Robert A Waterland, Jean-Pierre J Issa

The Essential Role of Drosophila HIRA for De Novo Assembly of Paternal Chromatin at Fertilization

Emilie Bonnefoy, Guillermo A Orsi, Pierre Couble, Benjamin Loppin

Role of APOBEC3 in Genetic Diversity among Endogenous Murine Leukemia Viruses

Patric Jern, Jonathan P Stoye, John M Coffin

Alu Recombination-Mediated Structural Deletions in the Chimpanzee Genome

Kyudong Han, Jungnam Lee, Thomas J Meyer, Jianxin Wang, Shurjo K Sen, Deepa Srikanta, Ping Liang, Mark A Batzer

αADα Hybrids of Cryptococcus neoformans: Evidence of Same-Sex Mating in Nature and Hybrid Fitness

Xiaorong Lin, Anastasia P Litvintseva, Kirsten Nielsen, Sweta Patel, Anna Floyd, Thomas G Mitchell, Joseph Heitman

Adaptive Gene Expression Divergence Inferred from Population Genomics

Alisha K Holloway, Mara K. N Lawniczak, Jason G Mezey, David J Begun, Corbin D Jones

Unexpected Novel Relational Links Uncovered by Extensive Developmental Profiling of Nuclear Receptor Expression

Stéphanie Bertrand, Bernard Thisse, Raquel Tavares, Laurent Sachs, Arnaud Chaumot, Pierre-Luc Bardet, Héctor Escrivà, Maryline Duffraisse, Oriane Marchand, Rachid Safi, Christine Thisse, Vincent Laudet

The cdx Genes and Retinoic Acid Control the Positioning and Segmentation of the Zebrafish Pronephros

Rebecca A Wingert, Rori Selleck, Jing Yu, Huai-Dong Song, Zhu Chen, Anhua Song, Yi Zhou, Bernard Thisse, Christine Thisse, Andrew P McMahon, Alan J Davidson