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July 2007

Streptococci and Lactococci possess alternative Xer site-specific recombination machinery, phylogenetically unrelated to the classical XerCD/dif system, to resolve chromosome dimers (see Le Bourgeois et al.). The image shows epifluorescence microscopy of a Lactococcus lactis xerS mutant (kindly provided by Søren M. Madsen, Denmark), after staining with the LIVE/DEAD BacLight Viability Kit (Molecular Probes).

Image Credit: Photograph by Pascal Le Bourgeois.


Research Articles

DNA Damage, Homology-Directed Repair, and DNA Methylation

Concetta Cuozzo, Antonio Porcellini, Tiziana Angrisano, Annalisa Morano, Bongyong Lee, Alba Di Pardo, Samantha Messina, Rodolfo Iuliano, Alfredo Fusco, Maria R Santillo, Mark T Muller, Lorenzo Chiariotti, Max E Gottesman, Enrico V Avvedimento

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The Unconventional Xer Recombination Machinery of Streptococci/Lactococci

Pascal Le Bourgeois, Marie Bugarel, Nathalie Campo, Marie-Line Daveran-Mingot, Jessica Labonté, Daniel Lanfranchi, Thomas Lautier, Carine Pagès, Paul Ritzenthaler

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Physical and Genetic Structure of the Maize Genome Reflects Its Complex Evolutionary History

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Complex Seizure Disorder Caused by Brunol4 Deficiency in Mice

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