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January 2007

Insect fat body cells (highlighted here with a specific molecular marker) are secretory cells that play important roles in energy metabolism, in the immune response, and in female reproduction. In addition, the fat body produces male-specific proteins and plays a significant role in controlling male courtship behavior. (see Dauwalder et al.).

Image Credit: Cover photographs captured by Hank Adams, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.


Research Articles

Early History of Mammals Is Elucidated with the ENCODE Multiple Species Sequencing Data

Sergey Nikolaev, Juan I Montoya-Burgos, Elliott H Margulies, NISC Comparative Sequencing Program, Jacques Rougemont, Bruno Nyffeler, Stylianos E Antonarakis

A High-Resolution Map of Segmental DNA Copy Number Variation in the Mouse Genome

Timothy A Graubert, Patrick Cahan, Deepa Edwin, Rebecca R Selzer, Todd A Richmond, Peggy S Eis, William D Shannon, Xia Li, Howard L McLeod, James M Cheverud, Timothy J Ley

An Arabidopsis Example of Association Mapping in Structured Samples

Keyan Zhao, María José Aranzana, Sung Kim, Clare Lister, Chikako Shindo, Chunlao Tang, Christopher Toomajian, Honggang Zheng, Caroline Dean, Paul Marjoram, Magnus Nordborg

Bisphenol A Exposure In Utero Disrupts Early Oogenesis in the Mouse

Martha Susiarjo, Terry J Hassold, Edward Freeman, Patricia A Hunt

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A Role for Alström Syndrome Protein, Alms1, in Kidney Ciliogenesis and Cellular Quiescence

Guochun Li, Raquel Vega, Keats Nelms, Nicholas Gekakis, Christopher Goodnow, Peter McNamara, Hua Wu, Nancy A Hong, Richard Glynne

Repeated Recruitment of LTR Retrotransposons as Promoters by the Anti-Apoptotic Locus NAIP during Mammalian Evolution

Mark T Romanish, Wynne M Lock, Louie N. van de Lagemaat, Catherine A Dunn, Dixie L Mager

A Multi-Step Pathway for the Establishment of Sister Chromatid Cohesion

Mark Milutinovich, Elçin Ünal, Chris Ward, Robert V Skibbens, Douglas Koshland

Comparative Genomics of Large Mitochondria in Placozoans

Ana Y Signorovitch, Leo W Buss, Stephen L Dellaporta

Reductive Genome Evolution from the Mother of Rickettsia

Guillaume Blanc, Hiroyuki Ogata, Catherine Robert, Stéphane Audic, Karsten Suhre, Guy Vestris, Jean-Michel Claverie, Didier Raoult

Adaptive Diversification in Genes That Regulate Resource Use in Escherichia coli

Christine C Spencer, Melanie Bertrand, Michael Travisano, Michael Doebeli

A Role for the Adult Fat Body in Drosophila Male Courtship Behavior

Anna A Lazareva, Gregg Roman, William Mattox, Paul E Hardin, Brigitte Dauwalder

Gene Duplication of the Zebrafish kit ligand and Partitioning of Melanocyte Development Functions to kit ligand a

Keith A Hultman, Nathan Bahary, Leonard I Zon, Stephen L Johnson

Polymorphisms of CUL5 Are Associated with CD4+ T Cell Loss in HIV-1 Infected Individuals

Ping An, Priya Duggal, Li Hua Wang, Stephen J O'Brien, Sharyne Donfield, James J Goedert, John Phair, Susan Buchbinder, Gregory D Kirk, Cheryl A Winkler