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October 2006

The chimpanzee and human genomes are more than 98% identical, but there are a few short DNA sequences that have changed significantly in humans since the two species diverged about 5 million years ago (see Pollard et al.). These Human Accelerated Regions (HARs) provide clues into our evolution.

Image Credit: Image by Owen Booth


Bacterial Programmed Cell Death and Multicellular Behavior in Bacteria

Hanna Engelberg-Kulka, Shahar Amitai, Ilana Kolodkin-Gal, Ronen Hazan

Research Articles

Mutation at the Evi1 Locus in Junbo Mice Causes Susceptibility to Otitis Media

Nicholas Parkinson, Rachel E Hardisty-Hughes, Hilda Tateossian, Hsun-Tien Tsai, Debra Brooker, Sue Morse, Zuzanna Lalane, Francesca MacKenzie, Martin Fray, Pete Glenister, Anne-Marie Woodward, Sian Polley, Ivana Barbaric, Neil Dear, Tertius A Hough, A. Jackie Hunter, Michael T Cheeseman, Steve D. M Brown

Heterogeneous Genomic Molecular Clocks in Primates

Seong-Ho Kim, Navin Elango, Charles Warden, Eric Vigoda, Soojin V Yi

Transposition of Reversed Ac Element Ends Generates Novel Chimeric Genes in Maize

Jianbo Zhang, Feng Zhang, Thomas Peterson

Heat-Shock Promoters: Targets for Evolution by P Transposable Elements in Drosophila

Jean-Claude Walser, Bing Chen, Martin E Feder

Cell Size Checkpoint Control by the Retinoblastoma Tumor Suppressor Pathway

Su-Chiung Fang, Chris de los Reyes, James G Umen

Forces Shaping the Fastest Evolving Regions in the Human Genome

Katherine S Pollard, Sofie R Salama, Bryan King, Andrew D Kern, Tim Dreszer, Sol Katzman, Adam Siepel, Jakob S Pedersen, Gill Bejerano, Robert Baertsch, Kate R Rosenbloom, Jim Kent, David Haussler

Assessing Systems Properties of Yeast Mitochondria through an Interaction Map of the Organelle

Fabiana Perocchi, Lars J Jensen, Julien Gagneur, Uwe Ahting, Christian von Mering, Peer Bork, Holger Prokisch, Lars M Steinmetz

Functionality of Intergenic Transcription: An Evolutionary Comparison

Philipp Khaitovich, Janet Kelso, Henriette Franz, Johann Visagie, Thomas Giger, Sabrina Joerchel, Ekkehard Petzold, Richard E Green, Michael Lachmann, Svante Pääbo

Heritability and Tissue Specificity of Expression Quantitative Trait Loci

Enrico Petretto, Jonathan Mangion, Nicholas J Dickens, Stuart A Cook, Mande K Kumaran, Han Lu, Judith Fischer, Henrike Maatz, Vladimir Kren, Michal Pravenec, Norbert Hubner, Timothy J Aitman

Widespread Discordance of Gene Trees with Species Tree in Drosophila: Evidence for Incomplete Lineage Sorting

Daniel A Pollard, Venky N Iyer, Alan M Moses, Michael B Eisen

Kallmann Syndrome: Mutations in the Genes Encoding Prokineticin-2 and Prokineticin Receptor-2

Catherine Dodé, Luis Teixeira, Jacqueline Levilliers, Corinne Fouveaut, Philippe Bouchard, Marie-Laure Kottler, James Lespinasse, Anne Lienhardt-Roussie, Michèle Mathieu, Alexandre Moerman, Graeme Morgan, Arnaud Murat, Jean-Edmont Toublanc, Slawomir Wolczynski, Marc Delpech, Christine Petit, Jacques Young, Jean-Pierre Hardelin

RanBP2 Modulates Cox11 and Hexokinase I Activities and Haploinsufficiency of RanBP2 Causes Deficits in Glucose Metabolism

Azamat Aslanukov, Reshma Bhowmick, Mallikarjuna Guruju, John Oswald, Dorit Raz, Ronald A Bush, Paul A Sieving, Xinrong Lu, Cheryl B Bock, Paulo A Ferreira

Recent Assembly of an Imprinted Domain from Non-Imprinted Components

Robert W Rapkins, Tim Hore, Megan Smithwick, Eleanor Ager, Andrew J Pask, Marilyn B Renfree, Matthias Kohn, Horst Hameister, Robert D Nicholls, Janine E Deakin, Jennifer A. Marshall Graves