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September 2006

The Mus musculus mutant with Keratin14 promoter-driven truncation of Apc shows developmental abnormalities not only in skin but also in many epithelial-derived tissues, including teeth and thymus (see Kuraguchi et al.).

Image Credit: Images by Mari Kuraguchi


The Genetics of Axonal Transport and Axonal Transport Disorders

Jason E Duncan, Lawrence S. B Goldstein

A Look to Future Directions in Gene Therapy Research for Monogenic Diseases

Matthew H Porteus, Jon P Connelly, Shondra M Pruett

Research Articles

Oriented Scanning Is the Leading Mechanism Underlying 5′ Splice Site Selection in Mammals

Keren Borensztajn, Marie-Laure Sobrier, Philippe Duquesnoy, Anne-Marie Fischer, Jacqueline Tapon-Bretaudière, Serge Amselem

Designing siRNA That Distinguish between Genes That Differ by a Single Nucleotide

Dianne S Schwarz, Hongliu Ding, Lori Kennington, Jessica T Moore, Janell Schelter, Julja Burchard, Peter S Linsley, Neil Aronin, Zuoshang Xu, Phillip D Zamore

Genome-Wide Hierarchy of Replication Origin Usage in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Justin J Donato, Shau Chee C Chung, Bik K Tye

Allele Frequency Matching Between SNPs Reveals an Excess of Linkage Disequilibrium in Genic Regions of the Human Genome

Michael A Eberle, Mark J Rieder, Leonid Kruglyak, Deborah A Nickerson

European Population Substructure: Clustering of Northern and Southern Populations

Michael F Seldin, Russell Shigeta, Pablo Villoslada, Carlo Selmi, Jaakko Tuomilehto, Gabriel Silva, John W Belmont, Lars Klareskog, Peter K Gregersen

A High-Resolution Map of Arabidopsis Recombinant Inbred Lines by Whole-Genome Exon Array Hybridization

Tatjana Singer, Yiping Fan, Hur-Song Chang, Tong Zhu, Samuel P Hazen, Steven P Briggs

Genomic Convergence toward Diploidy in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Aleeza C Gerstein, Hye-Jung E Chun, Alex Grant, Sarah P Otto

Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (APC) Is Required for Normal Development of Skin and Thymus

Mari Kuraguchi, Xiu-Ping Wang, Roderick T Bronson, Rebecca Rothenberg, Nana Yaw Ohene-Baah, Jennifer J Lund, Melanie Kucherlapati, Richard L Maas, Raju Kucherlapati

The Influence of Recombination on Human Genetic Diversity

Chris C. A Spencer, Panos Deloukas, Sarah Hunt, Jim Mullikin, Simon Myers, Bernard Silverman, Peter Donnelly, David Bentley, Gil McVean

Genomic Environment Predicts Expression Patterns on the Human Inactive X Chromosome

Laura Carrel, Chungoo Park, Svitlana Tyekucheva, John Dunn, Francesca Chiaromonte, Kateryna D Makova

Analysis of Pleiotropic Transcriptional Profiles: A Case Study of DNA Gyrase Inhibition

Kyeong Soo Jeong, Yang Xie, Hiroshi Hiasa, Arkady B Khodursky

Quantitative Genomics of Aggressive Behavior in Drosophila melanogaster

Alexis C Edwards, Stephanie M Rollmann, Theodore J Morgan, Trudy F. C Mackay

Meiotic Chromosome Synapsis-Promoting Proteins Antagonize the Anti-Crossover Activity of Sgs1

Lea Jessop, Beth Rockmill, G. Shirleen Roeder, Michael Lichten

Gene Mutations and Genomic Rearrangements in the Mouse as a Result of Transposon Mobilization from Chromosomal Concatemers

Aron M Geurts, Lara S Collier, Jennifer L Geurts, Leann L Oseth, Matthew L Bell, David Mu, Robert Lucito, Susan A Godbout, Laura E Green, Scott W Lowe, Betsy A Hirsch, Leslie A Leinwand, David A Largaespada

Two-Stage Two-Locus Models in Genome-Wide Association

David M Evans, Jonathan Marchini, Andrew P Morris, Lon R Cardon

Cell Cycle–Specified Fluctuation of Nucleosome Occupancy at Gene Promoters

Gregory J Hogan, Cheol-Koo Lee, Jason D Lieb

Evidence for Diversity in Transcriptional Profiles of Single Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Carlos A Ramos, Teresa A Bowman, Nathan C Boles, Akil A Merchant, Yayun Zheng, Irma Parra, Suzanne A. W Fuqua, Chad A Shaw, Margaret A Goodell

Related Articles

Constitutive Nucleosome Depletion and Ordered Factor Assembly at the GRP78 Promoter Revealed by Single Molecule Footprinting

Einav Nili Gal-Yam, Shinwu Jeong, Amos Tanay, Gerda Egger, Amy S Lee, Peter A Jones